May 18, 2022 6:59 pm

Feijóo, on the ‘Garzón case’: Sánchez “does not rule the Government” and is in a “ridiculous situation”




Alberto Núñez Feijóo believes that Pedro Sánchez is a “Prime Minister” who “does not command the Government” and that “the ridiculous situation” in which he finds himself is “important” given the intense controversy generated by the statements of the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, on the Spanish meat sector, before which he has not rectified, despite the fact that his colleagues in the Socialist Executive have criticized him “mercilessly”.

Feijóo, asked about it by ABC in the press conference after the Council meeting, has spoken for the first time about this controversy, and has censured that Garzón is “armored simply because he belongs to a different party” to Sánchez , which generates a situation in which the “most intense and greatest criticisms” come from other members of the Executive.

From there, he has criticized that Garzón “should be fundamentally concerned at this time” about the “price of electricity”, but “about that we do not hear anything.” In return, “you hear him undermine the prestige of the livestock industry,” he said, something he considers “regrettable.” In turn, for the president of the Xunta, this proves that “there are too many ministers and there are too many ministries”, and that Consumption in particular should be a general sub-directorate “.

Still in his reply on this question, the regional president has affirmed that Garzón “instead of solving problems, he is creating problems”, and has claimed that the “Galician cattle herd is a very healthy cattle herd”, with diseases eradicated in other areas of Europe, with meat “of excellent quality”, like meat from the rest of Spain “in general.”

Garzón, has still reproached, “is attacking a sector that already has enough problems due to the price of electricity, fodder and fuel” and “instead of making things easier, it is attacking what is most sacred, which is quality of a product on the market ”.

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