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Ella Bleu, the daughter of John Travolta, launched herself as a singer and premiered her first song

Ella Bleu, the daughter of John Travolta, persists in showing that artistic talent runs through his veins with his recent debut as a singer. Some days ago, The 21-year-old shared a preview of her first song “Dizzy” on her social networks. And how could it be otherwise, his father also focused on the dissemination of the musical advance. “I am very excited!”, expressed the interpreter of Danny Zuko in Vaseline.

In the video he shared on his Instagram account, you can see the young woman sing and play the piano to the beat of a ballad. “Happy and excited to announce the release of my first single”, expressed Ella in the publication.

John Travolta supported the release of his daughter’s single (Credit: Video Capture/@ella.travolta)

In addition, at the end of the video her father could be seen singing along with the young artist, a show of affection and unconditional support. In November 2021, Ella announced that she was working on a topic that was very special to her. At the time, Travolta said he was very proud and excited.

Accompanied by her facet in song, dabbled in film with small appearances in films starring Travolta, as was the case with: Two very mature kangaroos (Old Dogs, 2009), Gotti (2018) and The poison rose (2019). Morgan Freeman also participated as a co-star in the latter.

John Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu launched herself as a singer and debuted her first song

In that sense, Ella Bleu has her first film as the lead pending release, Get Lost, a reinterpretation in modern times of Alice in Wonderland, in which Alicia is a young backpacker traveling through Europe.

Although he is currently experiencing moments of great emotion with his career, the Travolta family has faced very hard times. Ella Bleu is the second of three children that they had John and Kelly Preston, who passed away at age 57 from breast cancer in July 2020, two years after being diagnosed.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston, more than 30 years together
John Travolta and Kelly Preston, more than 30 years togetherGROSBY GROUP

Travolta and Preston were married for almost 29 years. The marriage was listed as one of the longest in Hollywood, and they had the ability to overcome rumors and a lot of family pain together.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston with Ella Bleu, their middle daughter
John Travolta and Kelly Preston with Ella Bleu, their middle daughter

After the announcement of the kelly’s death, her husband announced that the family would take some distance from social networks to be able to mourn in private. “I will take a moment to be with my children who have lost their mother., so excuse me in advance if you don’t hear from me for a while. But please know that I feel your affection for the weeks and months that await us while we heal, “said the actor.

In addition, Jett, the eldest of the brothers, died in 2009 when he was just 16 years old. The family was traveling in the Bahamas when the adolescent suffered a seizure attack While he was in the bathroom of his room and when he fell he hit his head hard against the bathtub. The lifeless body was found a few minutes later by the nanny. The young man suffered from kawasaki disease, a disorder that causes inflammation in the walls of some blood vessels in the body.

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