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Eating in the middle of the forest, the unconventional proposal offered by a festival in Pinamar

Pinamar has a varied gastronomic offer. Although in season and with full occupancy, finding a place to park and a table to sit down are two problems that tourists face.

Problems that those who approach do not have Go!, a festival of food trucks nestled in the middle of the forest in Pinamar Norte (near La Frontera), just 15 minutes by car, on Avenida Libertador. The entrance is made at the intersection with Boulevard Houmboldt.

A Mexican food food truck in Go!Tomas Cuesta – LA NACION

It is open from January to March and it is a place designed for the family, although no one is prohibited from entering, of course. In this fairly extensive one hectare property you can choose a varied menu (There are 16 food trucks of Mexican food, grill, organic, hot dogs, smoked meats, hamburgers, waffles and ice creams).

In Go! It is possible to eat sitting surrounded by pine trees and hanging lights, listening to live music, in the open air. For a family the proposal is better, because there is a children’s show, games and a place for them to run or interact with other children within the premises.

In Go!  there are several tables to eat outside
In Go! there are several tables to eat outside
Tomas Cuesta – LA NACION

The festival is organized by four people who are dedicated to gastronomy, one of them well known, chef Juan Pedro Demuru. In addition to him, the organizing committee is made up of Paola Pesce, Karina Guerreiro Martínez and Guillermo Figueira. Those who put the food trucks are all from Pinamar.

There is another sector in which those who enter can buy products from entrepreneurs in the city, such as decoration or clothing. The entrance is “symbolic” and costs $ 200 and with this an eco-glass is removed that can be reused to re-enter without paying.

A kiosk in a food truck
A kiosk in a food truckTomas Cuesta – LA NACION

The place is open from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. At 8:30 p.m. the children’s show begins. Then there is a recital on the bigger stage and later an acoustic one. There are several tables deployed to sit and enjoy food outdoors, something precious in times of coronavirus.

The festival is held for the third consecutive year and although last year it was more restricted by the pandemic, it also benefited from being outdoors.

And although it is not a conventional proposal, by Go! an average of 1,000 people pass by per day.

During the festival, which starts at 6 pm, there is live music
During the festival, which starts at 6 pm, there is live music Tomas Cuesta – LA NACION

Another advantage is that the prices are very accessible: you can eat for between $ 600 and $ 1,500 per person without drinks and without queuing because, in general, it is fast food and since there is a variety, the food trucks are not congested.

Another color fact: the trucks are very picturesque, some of them very “retro”, and they make the festival a very picturesque place.

On the premises there is a wide range of games for boys, free
On the premises there is a wide range of games for boys, freeTomas Cuesta – LA NACION

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