May 18, 2022 4:16 am

Distant herons

One identifies the emirate of Kuwait with oil and the desert. Crude reserves were discovered in 1938 and in the next 40 years they turned this small country into a powerhouse. But we definitely don’t associate Kuwait with herons. However, in the photo you can see a flock of these birds, possibly of the species Egretta garzetta, family member Ardeidae, in a water body in that country. Herons are cosmopolitan, and very few places on the planet do not enjoy their graceful presence: the poles, the Sahara, central Australia, Alaska, part of Canada, central Arabia, and a few others. Of course, we also have them in Argentina, and watching them hunt in shallow waters is an unforgettable spectacle that combines the exercise of patience, keen eyesight, and lightning-fast precision that takes your breath away.

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