May 16, 2022 12:12 pm

Cofiño assures fishermen a “guarantee” process to evaluate the installation of offshore wind farms


The vice president and counselor for Autonomous Administration, Environment and Climate Change of the Principality of Asturias, Juan Cofiño, assured fishermen this Thursday that the project to install offshore wind farms in the Cantabrian Sea will have a “guarantee” evaluation procedure.

This has been indicated on the occasion of his meeting with the Federation of Fishermen’s Guilds of Asturias. Cofiño has said he understands the position of the group, which asks to stop the project, but affirms that the Government’s job is to try to make possible “the compatibility of different projects and activities for Asturias.”

The vice president remarks that fishing is “a value in itself” for Asturias, not only because of the employment it generates but also because of its “brand” value and it must be “protected.” At the same time, he understands that it is also possible that “other projects are born and do not collide”, generating “employment and value” for the community.

Regarding the project for the implementation of an offshore wind farm, Cofiño has indicated that the process is in a “very early stage” and that the business initiative has an “industrial and research” component.

The counselor, noting that the Executive is not given to comment on business projects, he does confirm that “it is presented” and it is not about “macroparks” but about a wind farm “that is of interest to the company and to Asturias”. “We must study the size and location,” he pointed out, noting that the effects on fishing and birds will also be analyzed.

However, Cofiño has wanted to offer reassurance in the face of the concerns shown by the brotherhoods regarding this project and also about the Salave gold mine. “In both cases the projects are incipient and have to pass all the authorization procedures,” he remarked, highlighting that it is a “guarantee and participatory” process. “There are no set dates,” he added, as they are “long processes.”

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