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Alberto Fernández celebrated that in December there was less inflation than in the same month of 2020

From the fifth of Olivos, the president Alberto Fernandez led this afternoon the signing of the new stage of the program Prices Care and celebrated that in December 2021 there was less inflation than in the same month of 2020. But nevertheless,the annual accumulated this year was 50.9%; while that of 2020 was 36.1%.

The President, after thanking the business community for their support in agreeing on the measure that contemplates a basket of 1,321 mass consumption products, took the arm of the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and said: “Let’s enjoy that I hope we start a path today… Well, we already had a month of December with lower inflation than in December of the previous year. Let’s hope that this downward path of inflation is sustained and that depends on everyone “.

Thus, he asked the businessmen: “Enough of fighting. We’ve been fighting for a long time, enough arguing. It is clear that we have different interests, but, at some point, the interests have to be concurrent. At some point we all have to win.”

Alberto Fernández spoke about inflation

Regarding inflation, which in December 2020 had been 4% and this year, 3.8%, he maintained: “For the problem of inflation we need everyone. It is not a problem that we can solve by hitting the shops, nor is it a problem that you can solve if we don’t all moderately agree, you individually”.

In addition, he referred to the massive blackout and the high temperatures that the country is experiencing. “Today we had a difficult day because this heat wave… I don’t know what else is going to happen to us in Argentina”, ironically Fernandez.

And he continued: “Because we also had a heat wave that hadn’t been repeated for I don’t know how many years and we had to ask many businessmen to please moderate production today, because we preferred that households not suffer even if we stop production a little. And they joined us, I want to thank them.”

On the other hand, he stated that it was not easy to be in tune with the industrial sector. “Agreeing among those of us who think alike is a very simple thing; agreeing among those of us who do not necessarily think the same is something that is usually very difficult and is rewarding. Because there are contradictions of interests, of thoughts, in the objectives sought. So the agreement that is reached is much more virtuous,” he acknowledged.

In the same sense, the President thanked Gustavo Beliz for his work and recalled: “We have drawn up endless norms in the Economic and Social Council where sectors that arrived in conflict and left in agreement were able to sit down. I believe that Argentina needs, today more than ever, to come to an agreement. Because we are ending a very difficult time. We have a somewhat clearer horizon, we have the will to reach that horizon because Argentina needs to grow and develop”.

“For that equality to be achieved and for those who live on a salary to be able to make a good return on their salary, the fight against inflation is a central issue. And inflation in Argentina, Martín and I no longer say so, but international credit organizations say so. In Argentina it does not have a single cause. Inflation is not the result of the monetary issue but of many things that concur in that inflationary process. Aspects ranging from the psychological to the monetary.

During this 2022, the program coordinated by the Ministry of Internal Trade will double the amount of agreed products. In addition, it includes various types of items for warehousing, cleaning, perfumery, bookstore, personal care and hygiene, for babies, for pets, fresh, such as dairy products, cold cuts, pasta, empanada and cake tops, frozen foods and beverages, among others. The products are made by more than 120 companies and can be purchased in wholesale and retail supermarkets throughout the country.

The meeting was also attended by the Ministers of Economy, Martin Guzman; and Productive Development, Matias Kulfas; the Secretary of Internal Commerce, Roberto Feletti, and representatives of the companies that signed the agreement.

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