May 16, 2022 3:22 pm

A mobilero was tempted in the air and could not continue the note because of his laughter

Many things can happen on air and the best thing, they recommend in the academies, is to always have the camera on. Although the objective is to capture the events to be covered live, many times they are the chroniclers themselves those that become news. The same thing happened to Matías González, a Chilean journalist who works for Canal 13 from the neighboring country. While covering vacations in the Pucón region, he wanted to interview a spa employee but not everything went as expected.

Both were on board a water bike, one of those that require two people to pedal together to be able to move. With the security protocols followed to the letter, the mobile operator and the interviewee were in their life jackets having a talk about the occupation and the number of tourists who had come to the place. The communicator had previously warned him but still decided to submit to the adventure: doesn’t know how to swim “I am a little afraid here on the high seas but there is a man who gives me security, the captain rooster that rents these bikes and kayaks,” González explained.

Everything went according to plan and despite his fear, he managed a good interview that was broadcast live throughout the country. However, driven by the heat and wanting to make a joke of the journalist, Captain Gallo jumped into the water and left the man in the middle of the lake, alone on the bike with his microphone and the camera that was filming him.

A journalist could not contain himself, was tempted live and had to interrupt the note

“A lot of people came, more than any year. It seems like the month of February when Pucón is at its maximum in tourism. Excuse me, they call me from caitanía”. Those were the last words of the interviewee before leaving the journalist and his cameraman alone on the bicycle.

González could not hide his nervousness and began to laugh to the point that he had to interrupt the note. In the distance, the captain swam to shore and in the foreground, the chronicler clutched his head, very tempted. “We don’t know if it’s nervous because he can’t come back, the captain left him completely alone,” explained Cristian Pino, news anchor, while watching the sequence.

The video ended there and the young man had to manage to return to the port and get off the water bike. The networks, meanwhile, echoed what happened and joked with the actions of both. “The captain abandons his ship”, “First and last day of work” and “Fleeing soldier serves for another battle”, were some of the most repeated comments on Instagram.

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