January 25, 2022 5:34 pm

Unbeatable candidate

You will not see me today refer to issues so “doomed to success” such as negotiations with him. IMF, the “natural re-election” of the president Alberto Fernandez or the liquefaction of the triumph of Together in just days. Of that they take care of, and how well they do it, several colleagues of this beloved Editorial Office. I propose that we reflect on the diamond still unpolished that is ideal for the Supreme Court of Justice, since he retired Elena Highton de Nolasco and left that body without a female quota and without a fifth member.

Yes, I am referring to the judge Mariel Suarez, viralized in a passionate interlude in a prison with a sentenced to life imprisonment who has all the condiments to enthrone her in the Palace of Courts. Neither Eugenio Zaffaroni He dreamed of this possibility so big, but surely after reading this column he starts a campaign in change.org in favor of your application.

Dismissed and restored to her position as judge during the second presidential term of the current vice president, Suárez has a succulent resume (see Google; it is very extensive and takes up a lot of space) and composes with some of the stainless Kirchnerists of the first hour . Let’s focus on some of its unbeatable milestones. His honor was accused of “releasing prisoners by telephone”, an agility of dispatch that he longs for Cristina Kirchner since the PASO of 2019, and of “inexcusable ignorance of the right and poor performance in office.” Music to the ears of the wayward Kirchnerists that oscillate between “ay, pero Macri“And the” lawfare “to justify their defections by having left a mark here, a” photocopy “there and they remain intertwined in eternal files.

As is my habit of going against the current, I must warn those who thought they saw a sentimental gesture in the meeting in which the convict and judge were “drinking mate” in prison that I believe in their word that it was an “academic work ”, And I do not rule out that we are facing the Truman capote of these forgotten pampas. His Honor said he wants to write the inmate’s story (from the creepy record), but that made me think of the great Cold-blooded, “Non-fiction novel” for which the American author had encounters in prison with the murderers Dick Hickcock Y Perry Smith, hanged for their crimes. “Things don’t always turn out the way you want, sometimes they turn out the other way around,” said Capote and I think the same thing is likely to happen to his lordship: perhaps instead of writing the novel, he has a bright judicial future. Argentina is the land of a thousand and one surprises.


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