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Tropical cyclones 5P and Tiffany form

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UPGRADE as of January 9, 2022 at 07:30 UTC: Tropical Cyclone Tiffany forms

Tropical cyclone 5P

The tropical cyclone, CT, 5P It has been better organized in recent hours and the system is moving east at 11 km / h with maximum winds of the order of 56 km / h and gusts of 74 km / h. The system travels over open water between the islands of Fiji and Vanuatu.

In the early hours of January 9, 2022, tropical cyclone 5P it was located approximately 390 km west of Suva, Fiji, and was traveling east at 11 km / h in the past six hours. The maximum height of the waves is of the order of 3 m.

Predicted trajectory and intensity of CT 5P according to JTWC

CT 5P is forecast to continue slowly to the southeast and later to the south.

The system is expected to remain within a complex high-level environment, but still it could suffer a slight intensification reaching 95 km / h winds by January 10. It will then gradually weaken as it joins a higher-level trough, gradually transitioning to a subtropical cyclone.

Tropical Cyclone Tiffany

Other tropical system, Invest 90P, is moving through northern Australia. Recently, the BoM, Australian Meteorological Office, has named this system as Tiffany.

Image of Invest 90P as of January 9, 2022 at 05:40 UTC with trajectory and intensity. Zoom Earth

Tropical Cyclone Tiffany It has been formed and will impact the communities of the Cape York peninsula from the early hours of Monday to Tuesday, as it moves west.

It should be noted, as the expert Dr. Philip Klotzbach, that the southern hemisphere tropical cyclone season 2021/2022 is off to an extremely slow start, with only 12% of the normal accumulated cyclonic energy (ACE) generated to date. Only one Southern Hemisphere season in the last 40 years has generated less ACE as of Jan 7: 2016/2017.

The first named tropical cyclone of the year 2022 was Seth which developed at the end of 2021 in eastern Australia and passed into the ninth year, although it was relatively short-lived.

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