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Today’s latest sports news Sunday, January 9



The latest news today, in the best headlines of the day that ABC makes available to its readers. All the news of Sunday, January 9 with a complete summary that you cannot miss:

Summary and goals of Granada 1 – Barcelona 1: Granada takes advantage of a child error by Gavi

Real Madrid 4 – Valencia 1: Vinicius returns, joy returns

Djokovic, an alibi with loopholes

This Sunday, when you have already woken up on Monday in Australia, the outcome of the soap opera will be known Djokovic, a frenzied serial that has had half the planet pending the best tennis player in the world and that has led to a diplomatic conflict that will be discussed at length in the coming weeks. The fact is that around Spanish midnight, perhaps even at dawn, there will be a verdict, a resolution to the appeal presented by the Serbian after he was deprived of entry into Australia despite having a medical exemption.

Still, it doesn’t look very good for Djokovic, whose alibi has loopholes and a date dance that doesn’t particularly benefit him.

Valencia explodes on Twitter after a penalty to Casemiro

After the penalty scored by Benzema that meant 1-0 for Real Madrid against Valencia (minute 43), the Twitter account of the team that issued a strong message: «The robbery in Madrid it starts to get repetitive ». A text that accompanied with a mention to the account of La Casa de Papel, the popular Spanish series about a gang of robbers. Minutes later, Gerard Piqué, Barcelona central, He responded to the message from the Mestalla club with a phrase: “Don’t say it too loud that they are going to sanction you.”

The signing that amazes Italy

It was an open secret, but the official confirmation of the Lorenzo Insigne Toronto has caused a sensation in Italy. The 30-year-old Napoli forward, international with the Italian national team, has chosen US Major League Soccer (MLS) for the next step in his career, once his contract expires in June. An unusual decision for a footballer of his courage and in full condition.

The English fans that reject the ‘Black Lives Matter’

«No one like us», ‘Nobody likes us’ goes the motto of Millwall, an old and historic club in south-east London that never enjoyed great sporting success and that always lived between the Second and Third English divisions (currently plays in the Championship). However, if this team was characterized by something, especially from the seventies and the first bars of the ‘hooliganism’It was due to having a rough, hot and sometimes too violent swelling. His stadium, The Den, became a living hell for rival players and fans; the wars between ‘Firms’, the most radical sectors of the ultras, became a habit, and the club’s darkest times are starred by massive beatings, stab wounds and the occasional gray episode that greatly stains the nature of this sport. Indeed, as the ‘Lions’ proudly proclaim, no one on the Islands feels sympathy for them.

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