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Through tears, Carmen Barbieri sent an unexpected message to Fede Bal

Thanks to its extensive trajectory, Carmen Barbieri managed to become one of the icons of the national culture. Her achievements as a comedian, actress and star were only enriched by the fiery romances she had throughout her career and for all the controversy that they generated. But, within the list of loves that is known, she always highlighted Santiago Bal as “the man of her life”. She had her son, Federico, with him, and despite their dismal separation after many years together, she remembers him with a fond heart.

Carmen Barbieri and Santiago Bal. Mar del Plata, December 29, 2010.Mauro V. Rizzi

Because, on the day the renowned director would have turned 86 -he died in 2019 from COPD and kidney failure-, who knew how to be his wife dedicated a special segment to him in Very morning (City Magazine). For that, he remarked that Bal continues in the memory of the people and presented a compilation of videos of the actor.

Hearing her kick, Carmen couldn’t contain herself and started tearing up as the clip progressed. In it, interviews were seen where Santiago spoke about her, tender hugs that were given before his death and moments that they shared with the fruit of their love.

But Barbieri did not focus on the man in her life, but on her son. “Oh my God, Santiago Bal … You keep making me cry! Do you know what hurts me the most? See that little face of Federico when he saw us, that we embraced and we were already separated. That face suffering so much, “he said, his voice taken by emotion.

Carmen Barbieri apologized to Fede Bal

Along the same lines, he continued: “Because Federico was lucky enough to live with the two of us. I lived 26 years with Santiago and Fede left home at 18. He never heard a scream, we never quarreled. There were discussions, but theater of the style ‘you put the light wrong’ or ‘I did not like those clothes’. Those arguments, exchange of opinions, but never a fight, we were never in crisis. Only he, one day, left. I thought I was dying because I didn’t think I could go on with life without him ”.

The meaningful message of Carmen Barbieri to Fede Bal
The meaningful message of Carmen Barbieri to Fede Bal

At that point in the program, she decided it was a great time to send a message to her son and with feelings on the surface, she said: “If I have to apologize for something, it is Federico that I made him suffer so much. Because we parted, like any couple, but I was so bad and I made him suffer so much with my word, because I am brave. But after the year that we were separated, I understood that Santiago was my family and the father of my son and that I had to respect him ”.

The love between Carmen and Santiago was born while he was still in a relationship with “his first love”, Thelma del Río. The secret romance became official and they lived together for 25 years. But how it started, it ended. In 2011 they separated in the middle of a scandal after the actress found out that he cheated on her with the dancer, Ayelén Paleo. The fight went to the media, where Bal repeated over and over again that the capocomic was the woman of his life in an attempt to get her back.

Carmen Barbieri and her son, Federico Bal
Carmen Barbieri and her son, Federico BalArchive

Although they never put the couple back together, she took care of him until the last days. “I chose him as the father of my son, with him I decided to have him. We had been separated for nine years but what happened is that in recent years we were once again a great family, without being a couple, “he said during his time in PH: We can talk (Telefe) in mid-2020.


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