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The victims regret that acts “that humble and hurt” continue to take place




“Humiliation” and “deep pain” are the expressions most repeated by the victims of ETA terrorism upon seeing, for yet another year, how the streets of nearly 200 Basque and Navarrese municipalities were filled with demands and tributes to ETA prisoners.

The main march, in Bilbao, is called every year by the support network for the prisoners of the terrorist gang, Sare, but this does not mean that the offense is minor and it makes it more difficult to close the duel to the more than 850 victims that make up ETA’s blood trail.

“Whoever does not want to see that behind this demonstration are those who murdered my father and more than 850 other people … is blind,” lamented Daniel Portero, president of the Dignity and Justice Association and son of the chief prosecutor of the Superior Court of Justice, Luis Portero, assassinated by the terrorist organization in October 2000.

Portero recalled that they will continue to “denounce those who killed ours so that they are not praised”, as well as to clarify “the nearly 400 unsolved murders” and to prevent ETA prisoners from having prison benefits that the Government “grants daily.”

These benefits, as well as the end of the “policy of exception” for ETA prisoners, were the main requests of the pro-ETA protesters.

The demands of the victims to prevent the occurrence of these acts, which they consider to be “glorifying terrorism”, would be “Comply with the law on victims of terrorism and impose fines”, specifically, article 61 of Law 29/2011, they point out from the Platform for Support to Victims of Terrorism. This organization, chaired by Miguel Folguera, has already requested the prohibition of these concentrations, as well as those held on the afternoon of December 31 in Pamplona and Mondragón, in honor of the greatest bloodthirsty of the gang, Henri Parot.

«It is a shame that the Government of Spain is more concerned about keeping its government partners happy bringing terrorists closer to prisons in the Basque Autonomous Community and avoiding applying the law through the government delegate, to avoid acts like today that humiliate us victims of terrorism so much, “they recall from the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT).

From the Collective of Victims of Terrorism (Covite), through their social networks, they wanted to remember that, although the demonstrations called by Sare are protected by freedom of expression, these prisoners “are not politicians, nor are they gudaris. They are murderers in prison.

Story manipulation

Yesterday, the nationalist left at a round table at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao equated the victims “of all violence” and, through the parliamentary spokesperson for EH Bildu, Maddalen Iriarte claimed that “All victims must be recognized and have truth and reparation.”

Something that is not new, and that the associations of victims of terrorism attribute to the manipulation of the story. “There have been no more victims here than terrorism. There were never two sides or a war, only murderers who put the guns and bombs and victims who put the nape of the neck, “denounced Folguera. «That is the only thought of ETA: to believe that they are the victims, truly forgetting the pain and damage they have committed for half a century, “the victims denounce.

Who did not want to forget the “850 innocents in Spain” was the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado. During his telematic intervention at the closing of the Intermunicipal of the PP in Castilla y León, with a memory of the mayors and councilors of his party who were assassinated by ETA, he regretted the celebration of these marches and that the Government of Spain “depends on a party like Bildu that does not condemn these murders. Also Javier Esparza, spokesman for Navarra Suma and president of UPN positioned EH Bildu next to the terrorist gang, because “it is where it has always been, defending the murderers of ETA, is asking for their release from prison, and is also questioning the status of Navarra “by stating that” it will be his priority to open a debate on the political status of the Regional Community. “

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