January 25, 2022 5:11 pm

The response of the Agroindustrial Council to the slam of three entities of the Liaison Table

After the withdrawal of three rural entities from his organization, The Argentine Agroindustrial Council (CAA), whose coordinator is José Martins, president of the Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange, stated that, as such, he did not participate in the work tables where the meat regulations were established, as well as the trust proposed by the Government to subsidize the sales of flour, noodles and chickens.

In a statement, the entity that brings together 61 chambers of the activity stated that “There are, however, Intersectorial Mesas of these chains that acted and continue to work to avoid the introduction of restrictive or distorting measures; with different results and responsibilities”.

The CAA, before the resignation of the Argentine Rural Society, Argentine Rural Confederations and the Argentine Agrarian Federation, stated: “The 61 member entities reaffirm the objective of consolidating ourselves as a horizontal, democratic organization, without political or partisan biases, but with the only vocation of convince the entire Argentine leadership of the need to achieve a federal and agro-industrial state policy that promotes production, consumption, and exports without distortions”. At the same time, he considered that “this goal is a long process that has obvious difficulties, but where the collective and united effort is worthwhile.”

The group said that it knew the decisions of the entities “Through press releases, without prior information on the internal reasons for the removals or by the means established in the current operating rules”. And he said that beyond the formal aspects they have always been “respectful of the decisions of each of the entities.”

The CAA was defined as a “horizontal area of ​​debate and generation of medium and long-term policy proposals where contributions are heard and received“And that” To date there are no pending initiatives or unresolved issues. On the contrary, the members who have brought proposals have managed to make them concrete ”.

As an example, he cited, “the reduction and / or elimination of export duties for the products of the regional economies; the modification of the Argentine position at the Climate Change Summit in Glasgow; o The Bill for the Promotion of Agroindustrial Investments (in Parliamentary status)”. Other efforts, “were not echoed by the lack of interest of the Government or positions contrary to our objectives,” said the CAA.

Instead, both the SRA, like the CRA and FAA expressed that the Agroindustrial Council no longer met its objectives. In a statement, CRA stated: “having analyzed the events that occurred and the measures announced in the last 18 months by the Government, some of them being previously discussed with representatives of the CAA, we understand that the damages that fell on the producers legitimately represented by our entity deserves that we disassociate ourselves from said Council ”.


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