January 22, 2022 5:54 pm

The night of the V: Flor de la V returned to television with its own program

The america screen is completely renewed in 2022, and one of the first programs in make your debut it was The Night of the V, the cycle that will be led by Flor de la V and that will air every Saturday and Sunday at 10pm.

“I can’t believe I have a live band,” the host said excitedly as soon as she entered the floor. “Welcome to The Night of the V. I can’t believe I love everything that’s going on”, He emphasized during the debut of the cycle, which started at 22 o’clock with a musical. “Leave everything, prepare a drink, a tereré, open the window or turn on the fan, which is a great moment to stay enjoying this great program,” he added.

The program started with a monologue where Flor made fun of herself and of everyday situations that many people go through. “What ingratitude to debut after two parties, I have sweet bread that comes out of my ears, I ate like a Viking in heat!”, He said before referring to the white dress chosen for the big night, and as the first option he made it look like a refrigerator.

For the first night on the small screen, the host had some very special guests: Antonio Ríos, Sol Pérez and Benito Fernández, who remembered different moments of their lives and told stories never before revealed. In addition, celebrities participated in two segments: “Explain the photo”, where they revealed the truth behind photographs chosen by the production, and “If you know it dance”, with which they had fun improvising some steps.

During the season, Flor will not be alone on the show. She will be accompanied by the actress and comedian Señorita Bimbo, the comedian and impersonator Nacho Bulian and the rapper Frescolate, who will also make their contribution. It will also have a live band led by Pablo Citarella.

“The big day has arrived! I wanted to share with you the enormous happiness and satisfaction that I feel. Because once again I have the opportunity to enter your homes with my new program The Night of the V, which I hope you like as much as I do“Flor wrote on her Instagram account, anticipating the premiere. “I am going to take advantage of this post to congratulate and thank all my production and my co-workers, for the dedication, energy and good vibes that they put on it from day one,” he added.

“I also want to especially thank America TV, Jotax and José Nuñez for this great opportunity to drive again. Because Being an artist and a host for me are one of the things that give reason to my life, because I love what I do and my audience, which has followed me for so long. I want you to see that these years strengthened me and gave me maturity. I prepared myself with everything to amuse them again, move them and above all give them a great program. Because in everything I do I think I must be myself. Simply Florence ”, he concluded.


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