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The last detail of Colonel Miranda with his city




Just a few days ago, on January 4, the city fired the colonel Jose Miranda Calvo, professor at the Infantry Academy, historian, academic, Mozarabic and Favorite Son of the City of Toledo. It was born in 1917, on Calle Trinidad 11, the same place where the Municipal Archive is installed today. Precisely there he has left a last legacy, a precious dedication to the city that he defended so much. And he did it just a little over two months ago, on October 29, in an original of the document on “The Conquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI” that he read when he was elected permanent academic in 1972 by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Toledo. , of which it became a supernumerary horonary.

“To the City of Toledo I dedicate this my dear memory, as a born and unique Toledan, made in Spain so that it will always last in our beloved city.” These are the words that the colonel wrote in this document that was received with emotion by the director of the
Municipal file,
Mariano García-Ruipérez. These days his dual vocation, military and humanistic, has stood out, as well as his deep interest in his hometown, his historical and cultural contribution and his commitment to the city of Toledo. But, above all, those who knew him highlighted his humanity, his simplicity and his treatment, always open to passionate conversation about the city. And with everyone. García Ruipérez remembers him as a “wonderful speaker” with his noble and restless look that did not fade for 104 years.

Jose Miranda He was also, among many other distinctions, a corresponding academic of the Real de la Historia, a member of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome and of the Institute of Visigothic-Mozarabic Studies of Toledo. Most of his academic production, published in various scientific journals, was focused on mozarabism and military issues. Among his books are The reconquest of Toledo by Alfonso VI (Toledo, 1980), Military reflections on the communities of Castilla (Toledo, 1984) and his own doctoral thesis, published by the University of Castilla-La Mancha.

Together with his brother, the guide Rufino miranda, was named Favorite Son of Toledo on January 23, 2021. He was such a cultured man that he received his doctorate cum laude at the University after having retired from the military career. His long professional and personal life has been and will always be a clear example of Toledanism for future generations, not only for his love for the city but also for his tireless research work to preserve the spirit of Toledo that will continue in the future.

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