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The kings of television production in Spain



Viewers are like little children: they would rather see the familiar over and over again than risk exploring novelties. It is one of the unwritten conclusions that can be drawn from the consultancy’s report GECA on free-to-air television production during 2021. The report also details that The Mediapro Studio It is the leading free-to-air television group, since it performed almost 10,000 hours, 13.8% of those broadcast in 2021 in Spain. Banijay (5,2%), Vocento (4,4%), Secuoya (1,7%), Buendía Studies (1,7%), Secuoya (1.7%) and Boomerang Group (1.2%) complete the top positions.

A relevant fact is that the networks are increasingly in need of buying television hours from external national production companies. It’s what GECA calls ‘delegated production’, which grew 2.8% annually and registered its maximum of the last decade: 71,682 hours.

In comparison, own production remains stable, with 84,514 hours, while that of others (bought from foreign companies) continues to be dominant but is the only one with a downward trend: more than 100,000 hours and a decrease of -2.4% .

Releases and rebroadcasts

The studio also distinguishes between aired and aired hours, which include rebroadcasts. A striking example is that of Collusion, which provided nearly 4,000 hours of entertainment thanks to replays of ‘The one that looms’. Without going so far, Miramón Mendi had 857 broadcast hours and achieved fourth place, after Globomedia Y Plane to Plane, only with the reruns of ‘Here there is no one who lives’.

In hours of rigorous premiere fiction, he leads Diagonal TV with ‘Loving is forever’ and ‘The knot’, followed by Shot to shot (‘Benidorm’ and ‘Servir y Protecte’) and Bamboo (‘Of the lives’).

In ‘infotainment’, exiled genre of TVE, the podium is for Unicorn Content (‘The AR program’ and ‘Four a day’), The TV Factory (‘Save me’, ‘Everything is a lie’ and ‘Save me Deluxe’) and Mediapro, which climbs positions thanks to the versions of the contest ‘Catch me if you can’ in the regional ones and more or less sports programs such as ‘El chiringuito de jugones’ and ‘The great goal’.

If opening hours and rebroadcasts are added, Paper mills reaches the first position with almost four thousand hours produced, with formats as well-liked as ‘Callejeros travelers’, ‘Callejeros’ and the different appearances of Frank from the jungle. It is no coincidence that models not very different, such as ‘Planeta Calleja’ and ‘Volando voy’, from Zanskar Productions, also appear in the top five.

In the final ranking: added entertainment and fiction, open and syndication, Mediapro prevails, shooting with more bullets than anyone else, not only thanks to its subsidiary 100 Bullets, and in all possible genres. Its 32 productions double almost at 17 Globomedia (fifth place) and total 4,481 hours broadcast, which represents an annual growth of 48%.

Next on the list of the ten most fertile producers of 2021 are Molinos de Papel, Contubernio, Unicorn Content, Globomedia, La Fábrica de la Tele, Zanskar, Quartz, Freemantle and Mandarina.

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