January 18, 2022 10:15 pm

The example of Mendoza, aberrant inequality, freedom at risk

The province of Mendoza, to resolve the chaotic situation in our country, made three fundamental decisions. The first: he decided to lower the salaries of the public administration. The second: it sanctioned the clean record law, to prevent public positions from being held by people who are being prosecuted for crimes. And the third: the extinction of ownership, so that ill-gotten goods are returned to the State. In this last aspect, some assets from corruption have already been recovered.

It is inexplicable that similar measures are not adopted at the national level. On the contrary, there is an excessive increase in the salaries of public positions and a proposal to create 25,000 jobs in the province of Buenos Aires, which will be paid with monetary issuance, with increased inflation and impunity for property holders ill gotten to enjoy them without any penal sanction.

And the 50% poor that the country has? What about children who lack food? It is because the national leaders do not adopt the measures taken in Mendoza.

Horacio F. Artigas

DAYS 4,247,559

The discrimination against uniformed men and civilians accused of crimes against humanity that Dr. Saint Jean makes public in his letter to readers of January 6 is the result of the absolute absence of impartiality and independence of the magistrates – with very limited exceptions -, and of prosecutors who are far from being guardians of legality. Discrimination has become commonplace, be it to cover with impunity the corrupt and the leaders of the guerrilla organizations responsible for kidnappings, torture, homicides, robberies and more than 5000 bomb attacks with which they killed and maimed thousands of forgotten innocent victims deliberately, either to incarcerate with perpetual preventive prisons and sentences without sufficient evidence to those accused of crimes against humanity, even the lowest hierarchies and even their deaths. We are witnesses daily of this execrable deviation, of this aberrational inequality before the law. Also of the indifference or the complicit silence of many. It is urgent that we become aware that this undermines the freedom of all, that the political leadership stop looking to one side and that the judges, the last resort for the protection of the fundamental rights of all, recover the necessary courage to save the homeland before make it too late.

Maria Laura Olea

DAYS 13,968,163

As a scientist I learned how to make observations and then elaborate them. Argentina has a fixed course and is inexorably going to reach a goal. All the apparent anarchy has the sole purpose of provoking the diaspora that is already occurring, the disappearance of private companies and enterprises and the establishment of a socialism similar to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. With the support of China (although it had the intelligence to have 80% of its private companies) communism will be implanted with the annulment of all freedoms. Make no mistake, they are not inept, they are communists with a plan that they strictly follow. Plain and simple, we will lose our freedom, our property and we will lower our heads before the new Argentine Maduro or Ortega.

Juan Carlos Parodi

DAYS 4,396,466

I have read the paragraph of the book Night robbers, written by Agustín Barletti, who, on pages 304 and 305, when he made a novel of the story, states that Dr. Illia said: “I trust you with something, doctor. It is hard for me to accept it, but most of those who participated in the 1966 coup suffered a kind of supernatural curse … The wife and two children of Ramiro de Casasbellas, a journalist of the coup, died in a brutal traffic accident.

I have been an eyewitness, due to the political kinship I have had, of almost all the acts and sayings of Dr. Arturo Illia. Knowing his ethical sense of life and his noble attitude about the events that involved him, I categorically deny that the former president Illia had that inhuman expression about a tragic event in which two girls and their mother have died, and that is not consistent with his personal and moral trajectory, especially knowing the love of neighbor that he practiced as a doctor and politician throughout his existence, which I know. I appreciate the dissemination of this letter in defense of the dignity of the former president and of the historical truth that has not been respected in that book.

Gustavo Soler

DAYS 4,556,981

I believe that the attitude of Mr. Milei to call a meeting in Mar del Plata to circumvent his diet as a legislator is absolutely irresponsible, at a time when Covid infections are multiplying exponentially. Surely this event can be massive. If he wanted to donate his diet – a commendable gesture – he could do it silently, for example, to a hospital, community soup kitchen, rural school, and so on. It would even be fairer than leaving it in the hands of someone who by chance may receive it, perhaps without having a real need. Of course, specifying it without fanfare would deprive him of the show and reduce his prominence.

Graciela Hebe Alonso

DAYS 3,587,729

The current government, so inclined to inclusive actions, should take note that there is one Argentine province, the southernmost of all, which is practically isolated from the rest. Uniting by land the province of Tierra del Fuego with the others is an odyssey that demands a lot of money and time available. To go from Tierra del Fuego to Santa Cruz you have to enter Chile, do the immigration procedures twice at customs and cross the Strait of Magellan paying for the transfer by barge to a Chilean company. All this takes up to 14 hours to travel only 120 km. The Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved in 2011 the law that provides for progress in the connection through Argentine territory of the island of Tierra del Fuego. As of its approval, the national government was authorized to carry out technical and economic feasibility studies to unite the island with the mainland through Cabo Espíritu Santo (in Tierra del Fuego) and Punta Dúngenes (in Santa Cruz). In 2012, the Río Santiago Shipyard facilities were inaugurated, where the barges would be built. However, he has not yet built anything. Like so many others, a truly inclusive initiative that continues to navigate the sweet wait.

Sebastian Perasso

DAYS 21,173,759

How is it possible that we are acquiring Russian electric trains for the Saint Martin, which is not electrified, with an investment of 800 million dollars? How is it possible that we continue without hydrant planes while forest fires rage day by day as a result of global warming? How is it possible that these trains have priority over the hydrant planes? 10 years ago Cristina Fernández, being president, announced the purchase of planes for 56 million dollars that never came. How many hectares of trees could have been saved had they arrived? Are they ever going to end up with stories riddled with lies because simple questions like these are not answered?

Management, please, enough of the stories.

Edgardo Hilaire Chaneton

DAYS 5,530,623

It promises to be a good season for the Partido de la Costa. San Clemente del Tuyú is packed with people. But unfortunately it does not have any beach entrance for the elderly or families with children in a stroller, not to mention for the disabled. On beach 4, in front of the largest hotel in San Clemente, it is sad to see tourists trying to access the beach, crossing flooded streets, huge dunes and the ruins of an old spa. I spent 10 days with my 89-year-old mother, who walks with a walker, and she couldn’t even look at the beach.

What a pity that they receive us like this!

Dolores Ure

DAYS 14,217,039

As a neighbor of San Antonio de Areco for 49 years now, I have seen the changes that have taken place. In previous letters, I demanded the continuation of the highway towards Route 8, due to the danger it posed for those of us who traveled the route to and from Buenos Aires. Finally, this was done in the previous management, almost entirely up to the Solís toll, 10 kilometers from Areco. The works continued, but last Tuesday, returning from Buenos Aires, I was surprised to see a detour, which I took in fear of the danger it presents to the new access to San Antonio de Areco. The President has just inaugurated this last section saying that this would save lives and that the inhabitants of Areco will be very happy. Error, neither will save lives nor are we happy. This last section is neither complete nor well finished. Once again, a work is inaugurated that is not properly finished.

Maria Teresa Ezcurra

DAYS 11,265,171

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