January 22, 2022 5:32 pm

The bullet of the General State Budgets, conditioned by Andalusia and Catalonia




The moment that will undoubtedly measure the health of the parliamentary alliance that supports the government will come after the summer. At the time when the Government will have to act to propose new General State Budgets for 2023. Of those just approved, it has been said that They “secured the legislature.” But the same was said of those of 2021. Although it is true that on this occasion the Government recognized that it was possible that they were the last accounts of the legislature. “But our intention is still to present next year’s project and exhaust the legislature,” they insist on the Government.

Achieving this will depend on the will of some partners who have been giving notices to the Government since almost the beginning of the legislature regarding what they understand to be an unsympathetic attitude towards them.

It will also depend on what the socialist party is willing to give in at a time when, depending on how the letters are arranged, the negotiations can be placed in the pre-campaign and the Andalusian electoral campaign. This will be the case unless Juanma Moreno decides to put the polls before summer.

The cross-cutting factor that will determine whether other accounts are feasible is the evolution of the economy and in turn of the pandemic. If Sánchez considers that the situation requires another budgetary acceleration or not. But above all, conditionality is political. The 13 deputies of ERC are essential for the Government. An investiture and two Budgets after the so-called dialogue table can hardly be considered constituted. The underlying relationship is maintained and both parties agree in their common interest in reducing tension. At the same time they are aware that in identity matters there is little margin of understanding. But Pere Aragonès he needs to offer some victory to his electorate. The legislature has changed many things. But her end may depend on the same thing that saw her born: the will of ERC

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