January 22, 2022 6:49 pm

Secretly, with the rejection of all Hollywood, the winners of the Golden Globe are announced this Sunday

Until last year, the delivery of the Golden Globes it was the one ceremony of the grand awards season that no star wanted to miss. Today it is the other way around: the entire Hollywood community, without exception, does their best to stay well away from it. It became a toxic asset, more contagious than Covid.

The result of that round of the bell we will have this weekend: what was always the first big party of the awards season, and above all the most colorful, boisterous and bubbly of all, It will be held this Sunday, January 9, in the usual place (the main hall of the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles), but without a single famous face among those summoned, without a red carpet, without a television broadcast and without a media presence.

Ricky Gervais, guarantee of acidity in the conduction of the Golden Globes

The winners of the 78th edition of the Golden Globes will be announced in the loudest of silences, very far from what happened a year ago, when the pandemic forced the setting up of a ceremony with two conductors (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler), installed in New York and Los Angeles, respectively, and the nominees waiting via Zoom from their homes for the moment of the announcement of triumph or defeat.

What happened in between? The Fall from Grace of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA, for its acronym in English), the organizer of a historic ceremony that marks the calendar of the world capital of the film industry since 1944. An avalanche of questions ranging from smooth and flat acts of corruption to the The scant interest of its members in promoting actions aimed at strengthening diversity destroyed in record time the place that the award had won in the collective imagination.

The scenery for the 2021 ceremony, ahead of Hollywood’s widespread boycott of the Golden Globe organizers – – HFPA

The scandal that emerged from these media revelations left the HFPA completely empty-handed. Until now, the organizers of the Golden Globes had managed to sell the world a ceremony presented as “the prelude to the Oscar”, a gigantic mistake that with time and the contribution of the most demanding observers of Hollywood life could be corrected. Today almost everyone knows that the Golden Globes do not offer in their verdict the rigor expected of a legitimate preview of what could happen at the Oscar. There are other distinctions (awards from the actors, producers, screenwriters, and directors’ unions) that function as much more accurate predictors.

But what no one could ever deny the Golden Globes is its festive nature. In this area, the Golden Globes became unsurpassed. No other managed to match the spirit of celebration that almost immediately infected dozens of famous guests seated closely together at tables lavishly watered with the best alcoholic beverages in the world.

We owe these stimuli some of the most memorable moments in Hollywood awards season history, like the one that Emma Thompson He starred in 2014 when he went up to receive his award with shoes in one hand and a martini glass in the other. He was not the only star, of course, who wore an especially sparkling glow on his face and in his voice when he hit the stage. No one forgets, at the same time, the colossal mockery of Ricky Gervais towards the Hollywood community each time he was summoned to host the ceremony. True delights of political incorrectness.

Everyone will deny it today, but Until very recently it was accepted in Hollywood as the absolute truth that there were no better hosts in the awards season than representatives of the foreign press in Hollywood. That same hundred people (the HFPA barely exceeds that number in its registry) that no one wants to see, mention or have around today.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler drove on February 28, 2021 the last?  Golden Globe ceremony from Los Angeles and New York, with winners accepting their awards by Zoom
Tina Fey and Amy Poehler drove on February 28, 2021 the last? Golden Globe ceremony from Los Angeles and New York, with winners accepting their awards by ZoomAFP

True to their self-indulgent spirit, as if they believed that the absence of the famous people who tried so hard each year to invite to be forgiven for their sins would be enough, the organizers anticipated that the delivery of the Golden Globe 2022 will have another celebratory spirit. They promise a strange 90-minute ceremony, behind closed doors, whose main purpose will be to recognize different charities that were supported over the past year by the HFPA through financial support, grants and donations totaling $ 50 million. A figure less than the 60 million that until last year the HFPA paid to the NBC network to ensure the television transmission of the meeting.

This time, NBC did not want to know anything about the Golden Globes. It decided to stay on the sidelines and join the virtual boycott against the awards ceremony when the HFPA’s scant interest in encouraging diversity among its members became apparent. Only after harsh claims and loud protests, the entity agreed to add 21 new members, six of them African-American. But it did not serve or reach to stop an irrepressible wave.

Without the support of the powerful NBC, can this Sunday’s ceremony be followed live on any screen? “That is not going to happen. It will be a private meeting, with permanent updates on the announcement of the different winners through the award website and our social networks ”, an HFPA spokesperson told the Hollywood Deadline site in recent hours. The dissemination of everything that is said and done in the 2022 Golden Globes will be at the discretion of the few participants of the meeting.

Marilyn Monroe with award
Marilyn Monroe with award

The distribution of prizes follows the historical logic. The Golden Globes always distinguished themselves from the other awards of the Hollywood high season by doubling the recognitions in the different categories of film and TV. Dramas on the one hand and comedies and musicals on the other. One more reason to secure as many guests as possible.

This time the tables will be empty, but at the same time this Sunday there will be winners and they will be publicly known. Will future winners of the Golden Globe 2022 be willing to accept the award, receive it at some point, thank it in any way or add it to their personal career? Everything indicates that unanimous silence will be the response to the announcements.

The only similarity between this strange ceremony and what is expected for this awards season will be the protagonism of the Covid. There will be a lot of talk about the pandemic at this expansive moment of the Omicron variant, as anticipated from the HFPA, and a complete vaccination test (with a third booster dose included) or a negative PCR, in addition to the foreseeable distance, will be required of attendees. social during the atypical ceremony.

This year’s nominees for best picture are Cyrano, Don’t look up, Licorice Pizza, Tick, tick… ¡Boom! Y Love without barriers (comedy or musical), and Belfast, CODA: signals from the heart, Danube, King Richard: a winning family Y The power of the dog (drama). On the TV and streaming side, the nominees for best comedy or musical are Hacks, The Great, Only Murders in the Building, Ted Lasso Y Reservation Dogs, and as the best drama they appear Lupin, The Morning Show, Pose, The Squid Game Y Succession.


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