January 24, 2022 1:56 pm

Round trip

Single mom

Hello Kirón. I hope you have started your year well. I was born in Lanús on April 30, 1985 at 3.15 am. I am a nurse and I have been a really hard two years, working often with almost no sleep and neglecting my children who are left in charge of my mother most of the day. I’m a single mom and I’m tired. Hope you have some good news to give me. We all read you. Thank you. Wilhelmina

Hello Guillermina. You are from Taurus with a Cancer ascendant, a stable, affectionate person, a true madrassa who will always prioritize the family, defend it, take care of it and strengthen it. I would say that 2020 was the most complicated year for you on the subject of couples and currently there are some exits to a certain crossroads that were presented to you at that time. There may be romances but to form a stable bond it takes at least a couple of years. You do see an interesting rebound in your profession, an expansion in that regard. The presence of your mother by your side is very positive, given your Ascendant. The relationship with her is vital and can continue to improve. I send my love to both of you. Kiron


Hello Kirón. I’m from Leo and they told me that I also have the Moon in Leo. Is that bad? I don’t feel very leonine. I am shy although I admit that when I set my mind to something I almost always get it. For a few months I have been anxious, even medicated, something that never happened to me before. And I want you to tell me if I’m going to get over it because it worries me. Thanks and see you soon. Eli

Hello Eli. Being a double Leo means having an overload of vital energy, something that is undoubtedly very good but that can sometimes produce symptoms like the ones you describe, especially since Saturn in Aquarius is opposite to Leo, putting brakes on your impulses and, therefore, causing a reaction. I think that throughout the year you are going to compensate, especially in the second semester. Exercise, that helps and … dedicate yourself to something that excites you, that allows you to express yourself, if it is a much better artistic discipline. A hug. Kiron

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