January 21, 2022 5:43 pm

Princess Victoria of Sweden tested positive for coronavirus for the second time in less than a year

Two years after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and, after having crossed a plateau of contagions, the disease struck once again against countries around the world. Nations are again facing steep increases in cases and are forced to take new preventive measures. At this stage, the coronavirus once again demonstrated that it makes no difference in age, gender or profession and once again attacked royalty. In this case, it was reported, the heir to the throne of Sweden, Princess Victoria, tested positive again. It is worth remembering that it already had in March 2021.

Princess Victoria, heir to the Swedish throneinstagram

The member of the Royal House had to undergo a test as she presented symptoms of a mild cold and the result was, sadly, positive. This was specified in the official statements issued on Saturday, January 8. In them they clarified that this is the second time that the 45-year-old Princess has been infected in the span of almost twelve months.

The Duchess of Västergötland, who has two doses of the vaccine, He had to isolate himself in March 2021 after having contracted coronavirus for the first time. On that occasion her husband, Prince Daniel, also suffered from the disease. However, according to reports from the Royal family, both spent the days isolated, without symptoms and “in perfect health.”

According to the publications made from the palace, This second time the event would not be different and both Victoria and her family are in excellent condition.. The news was made public thanks to the official spokesman of the monarch who gave notice to both citizens and the media about the condition of the heir to the throne.

As quoted by the news agency AFP, in the published text you could read: “The crown princess, who is fully vaccinated, has cold symptoms, but is well”. No details were given about the Duke of Västergötland’s health in the letter.

During their first covid experience, Princess Victoria of Sweden and her eight-year-old daughter Estelle had to be isolated
During their first covid experience, Princess Victoria of Sweden and her eight-year-old daughter Estelle had to be isolatedInstagram

While the princess turned out to be Covid positive this January 8, her parents –King Carlos XVI Gustavo, 75, and Queen Silvia, 78, gave the same result on the 3rd of this month. Both monarchs have the three doses of the vaccine and, according to the statements of the official spokesmen, they did not present major health complications.

Added to this information, AFP clarified that the entire family group of the royal crown and those who were in contact with Princess Victoria of Sweden will serve the recommended isolation period by health professionals.

Today, the Nordic country registers a severe increase in the number of daily infections not only affecting the members of the Royal House but the entire population. National health agencies reported that, as of January 5, 23,877 new cases were recorded within a population of 10.4 million inhabitants.. This would be double the figures that were recorded during the highest peak of the pandemic, which occurred there in December 2020.


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