January 21, 2022 5:55 pm

Postigo and Rahm, meeting of champions in Hawaii



The world of golf is ripe for delivering great news. And one of them took place this week, as a result of the interest of the professional circuits in giving back to society part of everything they receive from it. Thus, the best disabled players in the world have had the opportunity to share a tournament with the winners of the PGA Tour of 2021, the Sentry Tournament of Champions of Hawaii, each in their category. And two Spaniards have been found in the cast: Juan Postigo and Jon Rahm. The Basque golfer, winner of the last US Open, is already used to participating in this party due to his recurring habit of winning tournaments in the United States, but for the Cantabrian it was his first time thanks to his third triumph in the European Championship.

“The news reached us that we were coming to Maui about a month ago and the preparations have been very complicated by the Covid because I have been self-confined all month to be able to get ready,” he says. Due to the increase in infections in Spain, and in Cantabria in particular, Juan and his partner decided to isolate themselves from social life and only left home to train, which made them “spend the holidays a little sad.” “Although it was for a good purpose and with a good result. Luckily in Pedreña the weather was very good and I was able to prepare the golf well ».

However, all the initial illusion of the project temporarily fell apart as soon as the new pandemic variant attacked him collaterally. «The daughter of the caddy who was bringing me, Miguel Dorronsoro, tested positive and he could not accompany me, and at the Bilbao airport itself my girlfriend found a problem with her Covid passport and they would not let her travel. So I had to do a 26 hour solo trip, which is never easy, “laments the one from Puente Arce. Fortunately, as soon as he set foot in the archipelago, the smile returned to his face as he was treated like a great sports star.

An unforgettable experience

For someone used to finding recognition with the sweat of their brow, pulling talent and willpower after multiple steps through the operating room, suddenly being surrounded by the elite of world sport is something they will never forget. “They have received us very well here, we are staying very close to the professionals in a magnificent place,” he explains. I have been in other elite tournaments, sharing a practice court with them, and they always love to see us to share our experience and see that we are all different, and that, although we have different swings, then the ball flies the same for everyone. But this time, seeing you surrounded by the 39 best of the PGA Tour, is inexplicable. And among all of them, meeting an old friend, Jon Rahm, was the best thing he has experienced lately. “I had not seen him for years. In the past we had coincided in some tournament and in concentrations of the national teams, but to see him as number one in the world, already a father and with the weight that right now he has in the world of sport it’s an inspiration», He comments excitedly.

He remembers everything vividly. «We were talking for a while and he dedicated some very nice words to me, who made it clear to me that he is still the same Basque boy I met more than ten years ago. I hope to see you soon again in Spain or at any other event that we can coincide with ». And as for the game, the amputee declares with his great sense of humor: «It was a wonderful experience, although the field is outrageous, the hardest thing I’ve ever seen. This Plantation Course is a ‘leg killer’ and I don’t have many left. Fortunately, playing in a buggy he was able to enjoy it to the fullest. ‘

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