January 21, 2022 5:11 pm

Order and grow or succumb, the JXC challenge

Decisive leaders of Together for Change managed, once again, so that public opinion diverted the attention of Minister Martín “Sarasa” Guzmán and his story of the good pipe about the eternally pending agreement with the IMF and warned, obfuscated, new missteps by important members of the main opposition coalition.

The first was the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, stating: “This debt was contracted by us,” which put the Government in a state of ecstasy, while countless short-circuits flickered within JxC (it is true that the statements were more wide and the cut seeks to force their intentionality).

The second was the former Buenos Aires governor and new Buenos Aires deputy, María Eugenia Vidal, who after ten days of silence – explained by LN + that she was on the coast and had angina -, referred to the scandalous video in which around a table several People imagine how to stop the Pata Medina and one of his ministers regrets that he does not have a persecutory and lethal body like the Gestapo, of the Nazi regime. The no minor detail is that that meeting was at the same Banco Provincia headquarters that served as Vidal’s bunker and that included intelligence personnel among those attending. After arriving late to + Info at night, emphasized to Pablo Fernández Blanco and Laura Di Marco the undeniable operation of the current AFI when exhuming said material, but was less explicit in explaining the fact itself.

It is a curious phenomenon that of the alliance that is in the plain: it remained compact and serene during the first two years that it came down from power, and thus removed the danger of the diaspora. But since the results were so favorable in the last elections, JxC has not stopped making mistakes and irritating its own electorate.

To the division of the radicals in Deputies, the role in the treatment of Personal Assets and the impudent endorsement for a new mandate of the Buenos Aires mayors already re-elected by some of their representatives, the statements of the new president of the Civic Union were added Radical, which fell like a bucket of cold water.

The most malicious begin to assume that both Morales and his friend and, from time to time, electoral partner Sergio Massa speculate with the implosion (or the decline, to put it less dramatically) of the respective coalitions that shelter them and that then they will appear together in 2023 forming the presidential binomial that saves us Argentines from all the ills we suffer. In JxC they do not get angry: they assure that Morales could only add wills in the north of the country and that this is not enough to even begin to speak. As for Massa, before crossing that Rubicon he still has the chance to request to play in the next presidential STEP of the Frente de Todos, next year. The entente with Morales (or another) would be a possible escape route if the president of the Chamber of Deputies were denied the option under the umbrella of “all united we will triumph.” It is still too early for such drastic decisions. Meanwhile, each one plays well differentiated roles: for Morales, being insolent with his partners guarantees him a journalistic window at no higher cost; to Massa, the caution in his movements preserves him from wearing out prematurely to reach 2023 whole and competitive.

The softness was not clammy and the bump that Vidal was supposed to ensure with his return to the Buenos Aires territory was not such, and the percentage achieved was not even more languid thanks to the presence of Ricardo López Murphy, who avoided a greater flight of votes towards Javier Milei.

For this and other reasons, until not long ago the compact harmony between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal began to break down. The landing of Jorge Macri in the capital government with such a leading role is not a good sign for her. They have not gotten along since their days as governor and he was the one who fought her the most when Vidal became infatuated with moving to CABA and not competing in the province. She took revenge in her own way by summoning Marcos Peña as an advisor to annoy Larreta and again dusted off her presidential project.

In JxC, no one visualizes any schism due to episodes like those of Morales and Vidal, but the horizontality in the command that produces confusion, contradictions and even self-inflicted defeats is worrisome in the place that is most noticeable and with the greatest consequences for the country: Congress. They know that the patience of their electorate has a limit and that foolishly continuing to shoot themselves in the feet will redirect their disenchanted vote towards more extreme positions. Reaching March with a more executive board, one that better coordinates a unified line of command, will be the priority of this summer’s change-over.


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