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Natural hair coloring: pros and cons



Caring for skin and hair in a natural and environmentally friendly way is increasingly important for a greater number of women. This explains the growing demand for natural coloring in hairdressing salons. The natural dyes They are presented as a healthier alternative for the mane. However, they still have some limitations compared to traditional dyes.

Advantages of natural coloring

To know the advantages of natural coloring, it is necessary to know that they act differently from conventional ones. «Natural coloring does not work by penetrating the hair cuticle and opening it, if not that it sticks, line the hair. Therefore, one of the greatest benefits is in terms of the quality of the hair, because it has not split, but has thickened.

The hair is and looks more healthy, this ‘lining’ adds shine, since when the light hits it it reflects more, because the natural collation works by ‘sticking’ to the hair “, he explains Alberto Sanguino, training director at Llongueras, signature that has the coloration Naturally Llongueras.

This characteristic of natural coloring makes the hair improve its health, look thicker, in the case of fine hair, with more brightness, softer to the touch, even stronger and therefore more resistant to falling. Since signing Kevin.Murphy, which have the natural coloring Color.Me, explain that «the result is more natural, natural dyes do not oxygenate the hair. The salon experts Rogelaine Image add yet another advantage «the results are more durable, because it does not generate a root effect, as in conventional dyes ”.

And its disadvantages

Among the disadvantages of natural coloring are its limitations. When working on the natural tone of the hair, “not all shades can be achieved because you can’t lighten the hairThe. You can play in tone on tone, transform the bases and add nuances “, says Alberto Sanguino. That is to say, a drastic change of look is not possible, for example, dye blonde if the base is brown.

Natural dyes do not cover gray hair, but they do hide it.
Natural dyes do not cover gray hair, but they do hide it. – Pexels

On the other hand, with gray hair it also acts differently from how conventional dyes do. From the In-Face salón explain that “with natural coloring it is not possible to cover gray hair 100% since what it really does is tonalize them. This coloring provides a reflection that hides gray hair, achieving a lighter half-tone optical effect thanks to the brightness it provides and how it lets light through. The gray hair becomes a wick ».

It must also be taken into account that the exhibithion time of natural dyes is longer than that of conventional dye and in many cases, it is also necessary to provide heat while acting on the hair.

Types of natural coloring

Henna: a natural product in powder form used for centuries.

Barros: from the In-Viso room they explain that they are «100% natural, they are obtained from different parts of the plants (carob, cumin, sesame…), which are crushed in a stone mill so that they do not contain heavy metals. Coloring is achieved by mixing with the corresponding part of water according to the hair and the appropriate temperature. In addition, they are a perfect treatment for the hair since detoxify, rebalance, give strength and texture to hair and promote hair regeneration “.

oils o coloring in oil: based on vegetable oils and other natural ingredients.

How long do natural dyes last?

When it comes to caring for your hair at home, care they are the same. Alberto Sanguino clarifies “it can be even easier, because it is not a hair whose cuticle has been opened, so it is healthier. There are not so many dehydration problems, malnutrition and loss of pigment, it is a color that adheres and after each application, lasts longer. But this does not mean that you do not have to take care of yourself. Washing it with a suitable shampoo for the type of hair and hydrating it with masks and conditioners, as well as using a serum or hair oil, is necessary to keep the hair healthier and more beautiful.

Regarding the duration of the natural dye, over time can be greater than that of conventional dye, although it depends on each type of hair. To the don’t create the root effect, visits to the hairdresser can be spaced. In the case of the Naturally Llongueras dye, a duration of about 20 washes is estimated. «If it is not reapplied, the dye disappears, but if before it disappears it is reapplied it begins to crystallize, that is, to make the color more permanent and it is no longer temporary ”, adds Alberto Sanguino.

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