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Latest news from Spain today Sunday, January 9



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Sunday, January 9 in the world and in Spain:

Twitter exposes the Vox candidate in Castilla y León

The young man from Burgos Jand García-Gallardo Frings He has been chosen to be the Vox candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León. Little was known about this lawyer in his early 30s, son and grandson of lawyers, who practices in the prestigious family law firm in the capital of El Cid and that he did before in Madrid. His appointment has been a surprise, since in the pools the name of the Valladolid deputy Pablo Sáez sounded loudly but, finally, Vox has opted for a politically unknown young man to trust everything to the brand.

Arrested a criminal who stabbed a taxi driver and then walked in his underwear on the street

He was about to kill him. Only the skill of the victim, despite his advanced age, and the mental state of the aggressor prevented the assault that a taxi driver suffered last July and that the
National Police
It has been clarified months later after an intense investigation that ended in tragedy.

A man collects his deceased mother’s pension for 32 years in Valencia

The Valencia Court judges this coming Thursday a man accused of collect for 32 years his mother’s widowhood and retirement pensions after her death in 1985.

A cruise ship arrives in Barcelona with a Covid outbreak that forced positives to disembark on other stopovers

The Port of Barcelona has received this Saturday morning a cruise ship in which it has detected a Covid outbreak. The ship, the MSC Grandiosa, was on a route through the Mediterranean and a few days ago forced more than a hundred of its passengers to disembark in French and Italian ports because they were positive or close contacts. Dozens of passengers are confined in hotels for this reason and denounce that they have been forgotten by the company.

Covid Valencia: new cases by municipalities, what to do after a positive and restrictions in force

Garzón, a creator of controversies in an empty and gifted ministry

There are few ministers in the Government of Sánchez who have monopolized so few headlines for their management and so many for their occurrences. Alberto Garzón is one of them. Since he was sworn in as Minister of Consumption, in January 2020, until today, the leader of the United Left has starred in several political and media storms due to his controversial statements and attacks against economic sectors of vital importance for Spain. The last one, the meat one. So far not only has he not rectified or apologized for any of his conflicting statements, but he has always reaffirmed his opinions without giving his arm to twist despite criticism and disavowal from other members of the coalition government.

Prison for the Gorg de Badalona barium aggressor who attacked eight people in a month

A man who assaulted eight people in the Gorg district of Badalona only in one month. Among them women, children, the elderly and even policemen. This is an individual who, according to some neighbors, resided in an occupied warehouse in the same area, and that agents of the Urban Guard arrested, for the umpteenth time, last week. The attacker has already entered provisional prison.

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