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Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Sunday, January 9 in the world and in Spain:

The ‘Terminators’ of Covid are sought: they live with the virus without becoming infected

They are the other side of the coin. Faced with young people without previous pathologies who, against all odds, contract the coronavirus and end up in the ICU with severe symptoms, there are the so-called ‘Terminators’ of the Covid, people super resistant to the infection that, despite not being protected by any vaccine and living closely with the virus daily, they do not get infected or sick. Science investigates what molecular mechanisms give them protection, why their cells raise an insurmountable barrier against the virus that makes them immune.

“With a three-week master’s degree you can’t do liposuction”

Sara Gómez died in Cartagena on January 1 after spending 28 days in the ICU. A month before had undergone liposculpture, a cosmetic surgery operation that allows to extract fat from where it is not very aesthetic (double chin, abdomen, cartridge belts …) to fill other areas where they are needed (face, breasts …). By using the patient’s own fat, the complications of reaction or rejection that other types of materials can generate are avoided. It’s a good technique, but it is not a simple surgical procedure and it requires putting yourself in trained hands.

Being young and alcoholic in the country of bars

Enrique (not his real name) and Diego perfectly remember the first alcoholic drink they drank, despite the fact that they were only 14 and 10 years old respectively. The first, a glass of vodka with lemon during festivals in a northern town, where he would hang out with older kids to feel “cool.” The second, a strong 35 proof herbal liqueur of German origin that his father had at home. He ingested it accompanied by a good friend from school who was staying at his house that night. Now 29, Enrique has not been drinking for three years and ten months. Diego, one year less. But not drinking does not save them from having to face daily situations in which alcohol is another companion. On the contrary, his life, like that of so many Spaniards, consists in part of going out to eat with friends, getting together at family events where uncorking wine bottles is a tradition or end the workday with co-workers at the bar on the corner. Although without alcohol, they are aware that a single drop will destroy their lives.

Genetic mutations prior to infection, the reason why healthy young people end up in the ICU

One of the great unknowns of the pandemic has been why young people apparently healthy and without previous pathologies, they arrive at the ICU with serious pictures and even die after being infected with coronavirus.

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