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Latest news for today Sunday, January 9



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can read all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Sunday, January 9 in the world and in Spain:

Summary and goals of Granada 1 – Barcelona 1: Granada takes advantage of a child error by Gavi

Real Madrid 4 – Valencia 1: Vinicius returns, joy returns

Twitter exposes the Vox candidate in Castilla y León

The young man from Burgos Jand García-Gallardo Frings He has been chosen to be the Vox candidate for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León. Little was known about this lawyer in his early 30s, son and grandson of lawyers, who practices in the prestigious family law firm in the capital of El Cid and that he did before in Madrid. His appointment has been a surprise, since in the pools the name of the Valladolid deputy Pablo Sáez sounded loudly but, finally, Vox has opted for a politically unknown young man to trust everything to the brand.

Djokovic, an alibi with loopholes

This Sunday, when you have already woken up on Monday in Australia, the outcome of the soap opera will be known Djokovic, a frenzied serial that has had half the planet pending the best tennis player in the world and that has led to a diplomatic conflict that will be discussed at length in the coming weeks. The fact is that around Spanish midnight, perhaps even at dawn, there will be a verdict, a resolution to the appeal presented by the Serbian after he was deprived of entry into Australia despite having a medical exemption. Still, it doesn’t look very good for Djokovic, whose alibi has loopholes and a date dance that doesn’t particularly benefit him.

Arrested a criminal who stabbed a taxi driver and then walked in his underwear on the street

He was about to kill him. Only the skill of the victim, despite his advanced age, and the mental state of the aggressor prevented the assault that a taxi driver suffered last July and that the
National Police
It has been clarified months later after an intense investigation that ended in tragedy.

The ‘Terminators’ of Covid are sought: they live with the virus without becoming infected

They are the other side of the coin. Faced with young people without previous pathologies who, against all odds, contract the coronavirus and end up in the ICU with severe symptoms, there are the so-called ‘Terminators’ of the Covid, people super resistant to the infection that, despite not being protected by any vaccine and living closely with the virus daily, they do not get infected or sick. Science investigates what molecular mechanisms give them protection, why their cells raise an insurmountable barrier against the virus that makes them immune.

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