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Latest international news for today Sunday, January 9



If you want to be up to date with all Today’s news updates, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the essential headlines of the Sunday, January 9 that you should not miss, like these:

Lech Walesa: Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Polish president looking for a job

The life of Lech Walesa (Popowo, 1943) is a stark poem about the recent history of Europe. Born during the Nazi occupation of Poland, the opponent grew up in the harshest postwar period and learned electricity before going to work at the Lenin shipyard in Gdansk, already in Soviet Poland. He married shortly after Danuta GolósThey had eight children and, while they were being born, he led a movement of resistance to communist totalitarianism from the Catholic union Solidarity which, unsurprisingly, ended up with him in prison in the early eighties.

But his trajectory it is not so limpid and linear as it may seem at first glance. Throughout his political career, he has been accused of having collaborated with the Polish communist secret services in the 1970s and of having worked for Western intelligence in the 1990s under the codename Bolek.

Revolt in Kazakhstan sends cryptocurrencies reeling

The popular revolt and the repression of the regime in Kazakhstan have shaken the world market for cryptocurrencies, with pronounced falls in the value of these assets, including the famous bitcóin. One of the main reasons for these turbulences in cryptocurrencies is that this Central Asian republic, until very recently one of the most stable and controlled of the former Soviet Union in Central Asia, is currently where more than 18% of the mining of bitcoin, the main place for that new industry only after the United States.

Nationalize lithium, the first alarm bell of the Boric era in Chile

Two tests try to circumvent the elected president of Chile, the leftist Gabriel Boric, a few months after assuming command, which are fueling tension in the face of a government program questioned due to its effects on the economy, the legal security required by investors and the defense of the rule of law.

The Chávez dynasty fears losing the Barinas state in the repetition of the elections

Winning in Barinas and, for the second time this Sunday, has become a great challenge and a matter of honor for the Venezuelan opposition for being the homeland of the late commander Hugo Chávez and the fiefdom of his family, whose dynasty has dominated the region for the last 22 years. The first time the opposition candidate Freddy Superlano triumphed, representing the MUD (Unitary Platform) coalition was on November 21 when he won 37.60% of the votes, but the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) annulled the elections and ordered their repetition because the official candidate, Argenis Chávez, had lost with 37.20% of the votes, according to official figures from the CNE.

Austria promotes the first ‘sustainable’ low-emission Armed Forces

The color of the uniforms of the Austrian Armed Forces is already olive green, but the high military commanders of the Alpine country seem determined that this army is green down to the smallest detail, more specifically sustainable and climate neutral.

Draghi’s dilemma in Italy is complicated by the resurrection of Berlusconi

Never an election to the presidency of the Republic in Italy was so awaited and created so much anxiety, when the country lives with some anguish the rapid increase in Covid infections. 200,000 positives have been exceeded per day and hospitals in many regions are collapsed. The tension is also experienced in the government, because the League is in disagreement with Mario Draghi for the anti-Covid measures, in particular the mandatory vaccination for those over 50 years of age. The Executive thus seems to have lost propulsive force and may be coming to an end, because Matteo Salvini would be changing strategy.

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