January 20, 2022 5:49 pm

Juan Manzur: “The government’s political decision is to agree”

“What you want is to agree, what you want is to agree, the political decision of the Argentine Government, as expressed by the President, is to agree”. This was remarked by the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, who nevertheless conditioned the understanding with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that Argentina “can continue to grow” in its level of economic activity.

In the First interview that he offered since he took office as chief of staff, to the state news agency TelamManzur warned that “Argentina, in order to fulfill its obligations, has to continue growing.” Along the same lines, he said that “we must continue to improve the social indicators of poverty and unemployment.” For the coordinating minister, that is “The only condition to agree with the Fund”.

The Governor of Tucumán in use of license He did not express doubts that an agreement with the IMF is going to be signed, but he warned that they are still “in the process of negotiation” with the agency’s staff and predicted that “they are on the way to respect” the conditions established by the Government for seal the deal.

“We must continue to improve the social indicators of poverty and unemployment. This is the only condition to agree with the Fund”

Juan Manzur, Chief of Staff

Manzur argued that the payment schedule “will exceed the constitutional mandates of the electoral acts.” And he aimed against the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who did not attend the meeting between Alberto Fernández, the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, and the governors on the negotiation with the IMF last Wednesday. “The attitude of the head of government of the city of Buenos Aires does not help. What you have to do is look for solutions, and solutions are sought to the extent that there is dialogue, “said the Chief of Staff.

The Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur, posed in his office in the Casa Rosada.Pablo Añeli – Télam

When asked about the position of the governor of Jujuy and president of the Unión Cívica Radical, Gerardo Morales placeholder image, who said that “the least we have to do is go, it was a debt that our Government contracted,” Manzur pointed out: “Hopefully these expressions that he has, on behalf of the other opposition governors, are transformed into concrete gestures that they go in the direction of collaborating and helping so that we can solve the problem that Argentina has today ”.

“The attitude of the head of government of the city of Buenos Aires does not help”

Juan Manzur, Chief of Staff

Manzur also criticized the rejection of the 2022 Budget presented by the Executive Power, which he described as an “error” by the opposition coalition Together for Change.

However, he clarified that the Government has “administrative solutionss provided for within the legal regulations ”that will allow you to make the necessary budgetary reallocations. “It falls to the Chief of Staff to carry out the readjustments of all budget items,” he said. the official who has the pen and the delegated powers to execute those modifications.

“Inflation is one of the great scourges or the main scourge that we have as a society today,” acknowledged the Chief of Staff in another passage of the interview. In this sense, he considered “difficult” the task that the Minister of Productive Development is in charge of, Matias Kulfas, and the Commerce secretary to approach positions with the private sector to avoid a skyrocketing prices.

Manzur also referred to the differences in the cost of public transport between the interior provinces of the country and the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. “Indeed there is an asymmetry in the allocation of resources between everything that has to do with AMBA and what the rest of the provinces are, but happily, it is shrinking,” said the official from Tucumán, for whom it is a “long-standing” problem that cannot be solved “overnight”.

Alberto Fernández, Martín Guzmán and Juan Manzur in the informational meeting with the governors.
Alberto Fernández, Martín Guzmán and Juan Manzur in the informational meeting with the governors.Fabián Marelli – THE NATION

When asked what the Government’s priority will be in 2022, he replied: “The priority is always life, taking care of the lives of Argentines, taking care of health.” Manzur is a doctor of Medicine and was Minister of Health during the presidency of Cristina Kirchner. “Argentina is one of the very few countries that has had the vaccine in due time and form”, he claimed.

“We would already be going through the last stage of the pandemic”, Held. He also said that “the virus has gained in contagion speed but its lethality has notably decreased.”


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