January 25, 2022 4:37 pm

“It is an occupation of the AFI”: The harsh criticism of the opposition to Cristina Caamano for her statements against María Eugenia Vidal

After the interview that the deputy gave Maria Eugenia Vidal to LN +, in which he broke the silence after the controversy generated from the video involving former officials of his administration with businessmen and intelligence agents in the alleged persecution of union leaders, the AFI auditor, Cristina Caamaño, He came out to criticize her harshly. Then, the deputy of Juntos Gerardo Milman He went out to defend the former Buenos Aires governor and retorted: “Mrs. Caamano is an employee of the AFI.”

In the interview with LN +, after underlining that “The meeting was illegally recorded”, Vidal criticized the actions of the AFI intervener, specifically around three issues. On the one hand, that “it took two years to find the video.” Second, that he denounced it “in front of a judge who is incompetent from the city of La Plata when the event occurred in the Federal Capital.” And finally, that he did it when Own “Pata” Medina He had already denounced the management of Cambiemos a year ago saying that they had set up a case for him, so there was a court that was investigating the fact

After that, Caamano came out to answer him, and She indicated that -after finding that audiovisual record at the AFI facilities- she was “forced” to report what was found. In dialogue with Télam, he said that “the lawfare had Vidal as head of the province mafia “ from Buenos Aires, in the same way that “I had Mauricio Macri at the national level.” In addition, he warned that the current national deputy “knew” what was happening and that “she was using an encrypted phone that the AFI gave her.”

Gerardo Milman’s harsh criticism of Cristina CaamañoTwitter @gmilman

Before these words, Milman sentenced: “The statements made by Ms. Caamano, who is currently in charge of the AFI, are totally ridiculous.” Through a Twitter thread, the opposition legislator questioned: “Not only is he not complying with the legislation for which to hold the position where he is, the law imposes an agreement from the Senate, but also he dedicated himself to fable by cutting videos obtained illegally and spreading them, violating the law that he must protect and arming causes using the Forum Shopping method ”.

Along the same lines, he remarked that, “since her appointment”, the official “committed a series of irregularities.” “From zero cooperation with the rest of the Western world to the serious fact of preventing the exercise of national intelligence for the fight against drug trafficking in all Argentine borders, “he said. And he closed: “What I should do is return to normal work and fight for this institution to normalize as soon as possible.”

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