January 18, 2022 10:07 pm

Exclusive: Actor Armie Hammer relaxes as he is accused of being a cannibal and a sex addict



It was one of the
scandals of 2021
: Armie Hammer was accused by several women of sexual abuse. But it was not the only thing: some even presented screenshots with conversations in which the actor showed off his tastes a strange touch, which could be considered cannibals. And of course, for fans of the handsome actor from ‘Operation UNCLE’, ‘Rebecca’ or ‘Call me by your name’ it was a shock. But you are in luck, because we have the first images of Armie Hammer after finishing the
rehabilitation treatment
to which he has been subjected for several months.

Armie Hammer. – Lagencia-Crush

Thus, we have seen the actor relaxing with her two children, fruit of his marriage with Elisabeth Chambers. It has been in the Cayman Islands, a very significant place, since it is where he lives his current partner, Lisa Perejma.

So, it seems that despite everything, the relationship between the two continues.

Armie Hammer, with her young son.
Armie Hammer, with her young son. – Lagencia-Crush.

Where he does not have such good news is in the world of cinema. Although he has several films to release, since he shot them before the scandal broke out, he has fallen out of many projects he had in hand. In addition to being fired from the series ‘The Offer’ and having to abandon the comedy ‘Shotgun Wedding’, which he was going to shoot with
Jennifer Lopez
, also the director Taika Waititi has dispensed with him for his next project and the agency that represented him removed him from their list of actors. It is clear that the path to complete recovery -especially that of his image-
it’s going to be very uphill
, but while Armie Hammer relaxes with her children in the hope that this year will be much better.

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