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Donuts and croquettes, summer meals to take to the beach

Rich, fast, to eat with your hands, fritters, croquettes and tortillas are classic preparations; and that long precede the fashion of the finger food. Buñuelos and croquettes were always present on the Argentine table and now they return in healthier versions. They are ideal options to eat in summer because in addition to eating them by hand, they are very practical to take away. They are good for picnics, to eat on the beach or serve by the pool. In addition, they are the perfect company to complement a beer or vermouth snack when the sun goes down.

Fritters ChardCourtesy Lo de Jesús and La Malbequería

Since the boom of craft breweries and wine bars, chard fritters became one of the most popular dishes. Besides being rich, chard fritters are lighter than a cheese plate, French fries; or peanuts; and they meet the objective of satisfying the stomach, while having a good time. The chard fritters recipe it is very easy.


Knish is a fried or baked dough roll filled with cheese, meat or potato, eaten as an appetizer or as a starter. It is to Jewish cuisine what a good empanada is to Andean cuisine. A classic that always falls well. This is the Most popular knishes recipe, the one with potatoes and onions ; And for those who think it is complicated, the trick is that they can be made with the empanada tapas.

Rice and cheese croquettes
Rice and cheese croquettesPixabay

Rice croquettes are a classic of all tables. There are those who love them and those who do not want to try them because they know that they were made with the rice that was left over. Those in the last group should give this a chance recipe for rice and cheese croquettes: It’s simple, easy to do, and has special secrets for you toas rice and cheese croquettes they are well fluffy and airy.

For the afternoon, sweet fruit fritters prevail because they are much richer and healthier than the bills.. Is recipe for warm and sugared apple fritters It is to prepare and while we drink mate or a coffee thinking about the snack. You have to eat them hot, of course, and well dusted with sugar. They can also be made from bananas, pears, raisins, or chopped dried fruit.


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