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Close to the prescription of the case, the question remains: who killed Solange?

15 years after crimen de Solange Grabenheimer, the 21-year-old girl who was stabbed to death in a PH in the Buenos Aires town of Florida, the cause was definitively prescribed and the only and last attempt there was for the Justice to investigate other suspects as possible perpetrators did so three years the acquitted friend of the victim, Lucila Frend.

Although some judicial sources indicate that the case could be considered already prescribed since 2019, when the 12 years indicated in article 62 of the Penal Code for cases of “simple homicide” were completed, others clarified that a file like this one, at the time Called a “homicide aggravated by cruelty and treachery” and with a sentence of life imprisonment -as Frend was accused-, the statute of limitations is given at 15 years.

The crime occurred on January 10, 2007, so as of Monday, when those 15 years are fulfilled, even if anyone spontaneously presents themselves to confess to being the perpetrator – even with the murder weapon never found. -, or to provide evidence or expose the murderer of Solange, that will have no validity because with the prescribed criminal action, the case goes unpunished.

Lucila Frend, upon being acquittedTelam

Luli Frend, then 21 years old, was accused of being the author of the homicide of her friend Solange by the prosecutor of Vicente López Alejandro Guevara because supposedly the date of death placed her within the scene at the time of the crime, but everything was reversed in the 2011 oral trial, when she was acquitted in a unanimous ruling that criticized the investigation.

That acquittal was confirmed in February 2013 by the Court of Cassation, which also suggested investigating other suspects such as a worker and a maid of Solange’s boyfriend, but the truth is that there was no movement in that regard, not even by the victim’s parents, who always supported the prosecutor’s hypothesis with Frend as the alleged murderer.

Almost nine years after that last ruling, two documents that Télam now had access to prove that the only one who tried to reactivate the investigation in 2018 was not the victim’s family, but the acquitted Frend herself, through a meeting she held. his mother, Marina Harvey, with the Buenos Aires attorney general, Julio Conte Grand. According to the minutes, that meeting was in La Plata on November 1, 2018 and was motivated by thehe media coverage that the premiere of the film “Acusada” had on the case, starring Lali Espósito, and which is based on a novel inspired by Solange’s crime.

Lali Espósito was the protagonist of Acusada, the film about the crime of Solange Grabenheimer
Lali Espósito was the protagonist of Acusada, the film about the crime of Solange Grabenheimer

At that meeting, Harvey stated that the prosecutor Guevara and the lawyer for Solange’s family, Roberto Damboriana, were “constant insistence on continuing to incriminate his daughter as the perpetrator of the crime, and that” this causes him serious damage both his daughter and the rest of the family ”.

He accused Guevara of trying to “direct the conclusions of the experts to the detriment of his daughter Lucila” and asked the attorney directly “to continue investigating the other lines of investigation” but that this should be in charge of “another prosecutor, someone who be completely objective ”. Conte Grand arranged for Harvey to be greeted by then-San Isidro attorney general Beatriz Molinelli, now retired.

Unlike what happened in the María Marta García Belsunce case, when after the acquittal of the widower Carlos Carrascosa, Molinelli decided to reopen the investigation and put other prosecutors who charged and brought the neighbor Nicolás Pachelo and two former guards to trial as alleged perpetrators. of the crime, in the Solange case the former attorney general rejected the possibility of reopening the case because, in her opinion, the Public Prosecutor’s Office took Frend to trial with grounds, because it was not the victim’s family who requested it and because of the lack of certainty in the tests in this record, any other hypothesis would also end in failure.

Patricia Lamblot, Solange's mother, during the trial
Patricia Lamblot, Solange’s mother, during the trialTelam

“I understand that it is not possible to form or continue with other research hypotheses, since, at the discretion of the undersigned, they already had the corresponding analysis and evaluation within the framework of the investigation,” argued Molinelli in an opinion to which Télam agreed. and was signed on November 29, 2018.

Despite this refusal, in June 2021, Frend’s mother and his lawyer, Francisco García Santillán, met again at the San Isidro Attorney General’s Office with its current head, Attorney General John Broyad, who reiterated that the case was not It was going to be reopened, especially if the victim’s parents did not request it.

15 years after the crime and with the pain that the murder of his daughter has gone unpunished, Patricia Lamblot, mother of the victim, preferred not to do an interview and only told Télam one sentence: “Justice does not exist, I only believe in divine justice.”

Lucila Frend settled in Barcelona, ​​where she married and had a son
Lucila Frend settled in Barcelona, ​​where she married and had a sonArchive

From the prosecutor’s office of UFI 2 of Vicente López Este, who investigated the case, they continue to be convinced that they had done the right thing. ”There is no legal obligation by which when a person is acquitted, the Public Prosecutor’s Office must investigate another line or another possible perpetrator. It was investigated, the accused was brought to trial and a ruling was reached that half could have liked and the other half did not. The investigation had a result, it reached a port, “a source linked to that investigation told Télam.

As a result of the exposure she had when she was accused in this case, Frend went to live abroad, settled in the Spanish city of Barcelona, ​​where he married and has a son.

Since she was acquitted in 2011, she has never spoken publicly about the case again. On the day of her acquittal, surrounded by her family and her lawyers, Frend said: “The battle will be won when the person responsible is found, that the Justice look for the person responsible”, something that now, with the prescribed case, will not be able to happen.

The ten keys that lead to the acquittal of the accused

The following are the ten keys by which the Oral Criminal Court 2 of San Isidro acquitted Lucila Frend for the crime of her friend Solange Grabenheimer, according to the ruling issued in 2011.

1) The date of death: “The time at which the death of the victim occurred has not been established with the degree of certainty that this pronouncement requires, and even less in the period selected by the Fiscal Agent, that is, in the period between 1 and 7 o’clock on January 10, 2007 rather, everything indicates that the probability is far from that period ”.” With the deficient or incomplete data provided in this investigation, the time of death in the case from the point of medical legal view, as a certainty it turns out to be so extensive that it becomes practically useless ”.

2) The cadaveric temperature:“I am not going to enter into the subject of temperature, its need to take it at the scene of the event with a special thermometer, because in fact, beyond the general agreement of the experts on the importance of that information, the truth is that we don’t have it ”.

Lucila Frend was acquitted by Justice
Lucila Frend was acquitted by JusticeTHE NATION

3) Lucila arrived at work at 8.35:“It is an undisputed fact that Lucila Frend left the home she shared with the victim on January 10, 2007 at 7:30 a.m. to go to work at the Glaxo laboratory located in the town of San Fernando. His arrival arises at 8.35. “” According to what has been stated regarding the time of death, this circumstance cannot be considered as an indicator against him but rather, and in probable terms, as discriminatory “.

4) Left-handed or right-handed killer ?:“The act could have been committed by someone left-handed from behind or someone right-handed from the front.” (Lucila was left-handed). “It is not possible to be conclusive regarding the sequence of fact in terms of injuries and the relative position of the aggressor and therefore be conclusive about his skillful hand.”

5) The balcony door did not close:“There was a balcony door that was not locked and that allowed access from the outside through a balcony to the neighboring work, a door that had to be closed by means of a piece of cable at the end of the diligence.” “That door opened outwards as the Prosecutor recognized it in his plea and it undoubtedly arises from the sketches.”

6) Criticisms of the Scientific Police: “The inspection of the scene was not as exhaustive as it should have been. Nor does it emerge from the expert opinion of traces that the sinks have been inspected in search of blood stains and of course the balcony and at that same moment the access to the neighboring work, being that the next day unidirectional footprints were found on the ceiling that connects the balcony of the victim’s room with the neighboring work ”.

Lucila Frend asked that the investigation into the murder of her friend be kept open
Lucila Frend asked that the investigation into the murder of her friend be kept openTelam

7) The mystery of the lighter:“It was not possible to find the object similar to a lighter in the place -the one that left the mark under the body of the victim-, not ruling out -as the Prosecutor himself did- that it had been lost due to an involuntary contamination of the crime scene ”.

8) Did Luli see the corpse? “Santiago Abramovich maintained that Lucila Frend did not go up to see Solange’s body next to him as he claims, despite which he later knew at the police station how he was found.” when Santiago left the apartment to talk on the cell phone ”.

9) Solange’s email: “The Prosecutor affirmed that the accused entered the victim’s mailbox, implying that she did so to erase an incriminating message, which was not corroborated. ”“ It has become clear that the password to the victim’s mailbox was owned by Lucila Frend and not her family, which in itself indicates a lot, but also Solange’s family asked her a few days after the fact precisely to enter the mail for the same purpose that Lucila had done, to look for something that could help in the investigation”.

10) Wake:“The circumstances referring to whether the accused Frend was a lot or a little at the wake, or in the first or third row at the funeral of the victim, if she was late apparently from another, if she cried a lot or a little, if she spoke a lot or a little , whether he approached Solange’s family or not, they do not resist the slightest analysis when attributing a criminal act ”.


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