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Beltrán Iraburu, after being King Gaspar: «In my career the physical has not been the most important thing»




Beltran Iraburu He leaves the Royal Theater on time, where he rehearses the play ‘The Sunset of the Gods’ of which he is a part and which will be performed soon. His eyes are very expressive, so despite the mask, there is a sense of amazement at the interest he has aroused in recent times.

This 46-year-old from Pamplona hugs from a distance to continue to escape the coronavirus, but uses close forms, jokes and even questions his photogenicity. Flash, flash. Beltrán poses with a natural smile that carries a certain mystery. His voice is serious, he gestures little, but he does not avoid getting emotional when he remembers his experience as King Gaspar in the Madrid parade, a genius more than Paco Azorin, who did not hesitate to fulfill the dream of Beltran by crowning him as one of the kings of 2022.

Beltrán gave life to King Gaspar in the Madrid parade
Beltrán gave life to King Gaspar in the Madrid parade – Instagram

You find it hard to hold back your tears, why are you excited?

It has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being on the float and feeling that you make children happy with just one look, with a smile, is beautiful. Witnessing the excitement of the little ones and the gratitude of their parents is something that I will never forget.

Neither you nor everyone who has discovered you, how are you coping with this sudden popularity?

To be frank, I am finding out very little because I am working all day. Obviously my friends send me things and we laugh a lot because the people are great. In social networks I am receiving a lot of affection, but I confess that I am not very aware of what is happening either.

You have a half of Spain in love, do you believe it?

Absolutely. I take it as an anecdote and, of course, I find everything they say about me very flattering. I’m not complaining, but we all have our complexes and I have them too. In addition, in my professional career the physical has not been the most important thing.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a singer and an actor. I have been singing since I was very young and I graduated in musicology to complete my artistic training with a good theoretical base. When I started singing opera I realized that it was also very important to pay attention to the interpretation, so I prepared myself with Eva Lesmes and other teachers. I have spent twenty-five years dedicated to what I like the most and without ceasing to train.

Aren’t you born being an actor and a singer?

There must be some foundation, but preparation is essential and must be continuous. Perhaps this is why it gives me some anguish that talent contestants believe that you can learn to sing in three months. It is a long distance race.

Beltrán Iruaburu smiles in front of the Royal Theater of Madrid
Beltrán Iruaburu smiles in front of the Royal Theater of Madrid – Isabel Permuy

What kind of music does a singer like you listen to?

My Spotify list is hit or miss. I listen to everything from old music (medieval and renaissance), to rock or song, which, by the way, I love it.

You have lived and worked as a lyrical singer in France, where you were very successful. Why did you return to Spain?

I have always come back for the people, although it is much easier to work there. In fact, four months after settling in and barely knowing the language, I was singing and advertising. In this country we have a serious problem with culture, it is a scourge that must be eradicated. Involvement is still lacking.

Beltran it gets serious. It erases the smile that, until now, has been drawn on his face to vindicate the importance of caring for and respecting our artists and show technicians. In all fields.

Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel?

Yes, at some point I have thought about changing third due to the uncertainty and sacrifice that this profession entails. However, I cannot and do not want to complain because I have always been able to work from this, which is my passion. When there have been more complicated moments, I have become more involved as a singing teacher, something that I also continue to do. I think that in five years it will be my best vocal moment.

After 25 years in the industry, do you still have a goal to meet?

I would very much like to interpret Mephistopheles from Boito, which is Satan. I really like the play musically and have always been drawn to the villainous characters. And what a villain more villain there is than the devil himself.

Beltrán was one of the protagonists of the musical & # 039; The doctor & # 039;
Beltrán was one of the protagonists of the musical ‘El Médico’ – Instagram

It scares me, are you a villain?

Not at all. Acting is a game, I’ve been playing Scar (The Lion King) for many years and I don’t want to kill my brothers.

Have you not thought about taking the leap into the audiovisual world?

I am very attracted and am casting for various series. In the pandemic, I have had a lot of time to think and to dedicate myself to acting on camera. It is a much more collected interpretation and I find it very interesting. I am very excited and hopefully soon I can share a project.

What would you like to do?

If I could choose, something that seems difficult, I would love to be able to work on a period fiction, although as long as the product is of quality I would not care if it was comedy, drama, and film or television. And I would love to work with the best.

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