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Ballooning Day: how was the first trip in the American sky

The January 9th the Ballooning Day, referring to the first hot air balloon ride, years ago. The first celebration of this day was held on January 9, 1973 in the Independence Square of Philadelphia, United States.

That day Jean Pierre Blanchard carried out his first official balloon flight. His journey reached about 364 meters of altitude and it generated astonishment among its viewers, among whom was then-President George Washington.

According to the story, it was Washington who had asked Blanchard to make this journey.

Blanchard was born in Les Andelys, France, on July 4, 1753. He was a renowned inventor who was noted for his work and involvement in aviation and parachuting.

Ballooning Day celebrates the first flight carried out in US airspace, although this was not the first flight in history.

This event occurred on June 4, 1783 with the Montgolfier brothers como protagonistas. Joseph-Michel Montgolfier and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier eran provenientes from Avignon in Annonay, Francia.

The Montgolfier brothers were the ones who invented this means of transport, considered the first air vehicle in history. The beginnings of his experiments were marked by inverted paper bags over fire. They discovered that these were rising, so they decided to continue investigating.

In 1782 they made a launch of a large 18 cubic meter silk bag, that managed to ascend up to 250 meters.

On June 4, 1783, they held a public demonstration at Versailles, with the entire French royal society in the audience. There they used a paper-lined linen bag measuring 11 meters in diameter and 800 cubic meters. Its route was 2 kilometers for ten minutes and reached an altitude between 600 and 2000 meters.


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