January 18, 2022 10:45 pm

ATV tragedies

The summer season in Pinamar It started with two tragedies that once again had quadricycles as main actors. A 34-year-old tourist died when the vehicle she was driving turned on the border with Costa Smeralda. With a level of worrying unconsciousness, without wearing helmets or protections, she was driving with her 2 and 7-year-old children and a 36-year-old friend, when the maximum to transport is two people and never such small children.

The second accident happened 2.5 kilometers from La Frontera, very close to where the previous tragic episode occurred, when two young men in a quadricycle and also without a helmet collided with a UTV, a similar vehicle but with bodywork and more power popularly known as “buggy”. The victim was a 31-year-old who was accompanying him while the driver was hospitalized in serious condition. It is worth mentioning that the circulation outside the safe corridor, in quadricycles or in any other motorized all-terrain vehicle (motorcycles, trucks or UTV) is prohibited by the Municipality of Pinamar. In this regard, the Secretary of Security warned that these accidents, often fatal, occur because tourists get with their quadricycles in prohibited areas of the dunes, which leaves them out of the control of the State.

Each summer season it is estimated that about 25 thousand beach vehicles circulate in the resort, without visible identification as there is no obligation to patent them.

Current legislation requires that all quadricycle and buggy driver wear a helmet, have a driver’s license in the respective category, proof of ownership of the domain, and proof of current and up-to-date insurance.

All vehicles must also carry a two-meter-long antenna with a flag at the top so that the vehicles are easily distinguishable between the ups and downs of the dunes. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the owner will initiate a cause for violation of the National Traffic Law.

Impunity, irresponsibility, recklessness and recklessness are common ingredients. Driving vehicles whose operation is often unknown, doing it through forbidden places, without wearing the corresponding helmets, assimilating it to a simple ride in a merry-go-round, reveals the lightness that prevails among those who seek fun and end up paying with lives, their own and others.

These tragic episodes have a common denominator: the non-observance of the current provisions, conduct that is part of what the remembered lawyer and philosopher Carlos Nino described as “silly anomie.”

The protocols and requirements for the safety and prevention of ATV accidents will be of little or no use if the authorities are not in a position to verify and fine for non-compliance and if individual responsibility is still absent. We tire of addressing these issues year after year, but the tragedies do not stop. As we have always maintained, if they can be avoided, they are not accidents.


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