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Ana Guerra confesses to being disappointed after leaving Operación Triunfo



The ex-triumphant, Ana Guerra, was the protagonist of ‘Off the map’, the program in which Alberto Chicote famous people are taken to discover the most remote places. During the journey, the singer opened up about her career and about the real reason for distancing from peers of ‘Operation Triumph’. And it is that after participating in the contest in 2017, we have witnessed the distancing between the former triumphs to the point of seeming unfamiliar. Ana realized that everything had combined after leaving the program, including friendships with her classmates, who, much to her regret, they became competitors.

“When we leave (from ‘OT’), we all don’t do the same. Our careers are totally separate and there are beginning to be different levels », the singer was sincere.

Situation that hurt him a lot, also blamed the music industry itself for turning them into competitors. “I was extremely disappointed, I would have given everything to prevent that from happening”, confessed Ana.

Although what struck us the most about the interview was when the artist admitted that she became jealous: “I was very envious of the careers of colleagues who had left the program, something that disappeared when I had a record made and I decided not to release it …”.

Betrayals and envies among his fellow ‘OT’

Despite making it clear that she gets along great with everyone and that she loves them, the singer did not cut a hair and admitted that felt betrayed by some ex-triumphs, but without giving details. Of course, not everyone has ended without a relationship, Ana has confessed that currently only has a relationship with two of them: Ricky and Roi.

Ana’s post this summer with Ricky – Lagencia-Crush

He also spoke about his relationship with Aitana. And we remember that before they were the dynamic duo, ‘AitanaWar’. Duo that has weakened: «When we left the academy, Aitana and I were together 24/7 and, while everyone went on their way, Aitana and I were still together. Work breaks that. There is no time, the agendas do not coincide, when I can, you cannot, and vice versa «. Even so, they both try to keep in touch as best they can.

‘AitanaWar’ – Lagencia-Crush

For her part, Ana made a self-criticism and admitted to being disappointed with the reception of her songs: “My career has gone down” “Each song performed worse than the last, we did not achieve the success or the reproductions that we thought they deserved.”

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