January 18, 2022 10:36 pm

A new Qatar to host the World Cup

Among the destinations that many would write down in a notebook, like a wish, like a dream, for this 2022 that is just taking its first steps, will undoubtedly be Qatar. It has been several years since the World Cups have also become tourist events that mobilize thousands of travelers.

The World Cup in Qatar, in addition, it is a good opportunity to discover a destination that few visit. Almost a decade ago, the emirate on the shores of the Persian Gulf began the long journey to become a host of luxury, where all that glitters is gold.

When eight years ago I walked through the streets of Doha, the capital, I still remember armies of workers working at all hours, day and night, in dozens of new constructions, streets cut every two steps and the cranes, which were so protagonists of the skyline like the skyscrapers that stretch to the sky

As happens in every World Cup match, new stadiums are being remodeled and also built with advanced technology. But what is really surprising is the complete renovation that Qatar is undergoing, a country half the size of Tucuman, where the venues will be very close to each other.

When eight years ago I walked the streets of Doha, the capital, I still remember armies of workers working at all hours, day and night, in dozens of new constructions, streets cut every two steps and the cranes, which were as protagonists of the skyline as the skyscrapers that stretch to the sky. At that time the World Cup seemed distant, but the Arab power was not willing to lose a second in its challenge to get out of the shadow that the neighboring and cosmopolitan Dubai inevitably makes for it, where even many travelers will base themselves and go to Qatar for the match day. If he were to tour the country again now, he would probably not recognize him.

In these years, already in full swing, an extensive network of tracks was added, which includes the Doha Metro, the urban subway of which three lines with 37 stations and 76 kilometers have already been inaugurated under the Qatari capital. Fully automated, it reaches 100 kilometers per hour. Also the section to Lusail, a new city, with three lines and a long-distance train network under development.

The national project included the total remodeling of the port to receive cruise ships. A new airport, Hamad International Airport, which this year was chosen as the best in the world in the Skytrax awards and which became a hub in the Middle East. New hotels also continue to be added to receive the 1,200,000 visitors expected by the organization, almost a third of the population of Qatar.

Lusail, looking to the future

As they do not go around with little girls, in addition to this list of works, they directly decided to raise from scratch Lusail, the great legacy of the World Cup. This city of the futureAs they present it, it is very close to Doha, it has Wi-Fi in every corner, it already has 22 new hotels, sports stadiums and entertainment centers, created with sustainability criteria. Commercial and residential buildings are equipped for full automation of homes and offices in the future. The design of the new Lusail stadium, golden on the outside, was based on the interplay of light and shadow that characterizes the traditional Arabic fanar lantern. Its shape and facade echo the intricate decorative motifs on bowls and vessels. It has capacity for 80,000 people and will receive nothing less than the final match. They also developed Barwa City, another Real State project, with 6000 residences and of course the necessary services. Among the brightness of the works, there is also a shadow: the controversy has been flying over the years over the many dead workers and the conditions to which they subject the workers, all migrants from nearby countries.

For now, hotel availability is limited, it would not be enough for all fans and complaints are multiplying. The accommodation so far is not sold individually, only in the packages marketed by the Mach agency of FIFA.

To make up for the lack of beds, they will anchor large cruise ships that will provide accommodation in the port, they are building floating hotels that can later be relocated and they plan to build fan villages, temporary glamping-type constructions to add more accommodation.

Beyond this great mirage come true in the desert, Qatar strictly follows the commandments of Islamic law. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed, except in international hotels, women must cover their legs and shoulders, swimsuits are mainly used on hotel beaches, and public displays of affection between couples are not welcomed.

“It is an expensive destination, with hotels from three stars upwards. For a trip of 8 nights of accommodation, with air and tickets to two games, it is necessary to calculate, from US $ 9,200 ″, says Gustavo Signorio from Mundoreps, one of the representative agencies in Argentina of Mach, the official FIFA agency .


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