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What are the best avocado dishes you can try in Buenos Aires?

Cut in half with olive oil. As part of a mixed salad. The mattress of a poached egg in the classic avocado toast. Guacamole for the pre-barbecue. Smoothies, ice creams and even about waffles. The avocado is a super versatile fruit and – let’s be honest – it goes well with absolutely everything.

If you are also a ‘avocado lover‘, we share with you some of our favorite preparations. With a twist of the nut, they are dishes that also renew classics that we all already know.

Kind photo of So I like it

If you are as much a fan of avocado as you are of Italian gastronomy, then you have to go to Cosi Mi Piace. His fourth has a bruschetta of sourdough bread made by hand with organic flour, heated in a clay oven. This works as a platform for Hass avocado cuts and fresh strawberry chunks.

Blossom's photo kindness
Blossom’s photo kindness

If you are already bored of the classic cheddar potatoes, here is an incredible option to innovate. Blossom’s menu has Soho Rostis Potatoes and is a base of grated potatoes with poached onions and parmesan cheese gratin in a clay oven, artisan gravlax topping of pink salmon, cream cheese, fresh avocado and capers.

Photo courtesy of Desarmadero
Photo courtesy of Desarmadero

Taqueños are a classic aperitif of Venezuelan gastronomy that, more and more, are gaining popularity in Argentina. What are they? White cheese fingers wrapped in dough made with wheat flour. Fried, they are served with a sauce from the culinary corners of Venezuela called “Guasacaca”, made with crushed avocado, parsley, paprika, coriander, onion, garlic and condiments. The Desarmadero brewery has some delicious ones that you cannot stop trying.

Photo courtesy of Avocado Republic
Photo courtesy of Avocado Republic

If we talk about reinvented classics, perhaps the one provoked is the king. Avocado Republic created a roasted 150gr provoleta and served with an avocado flower, candied tomatoes, honey, sriracha sauce and walnuts “spicy” What are they? Walnuts and sriracha sauce are partially spicy, which gives a unique and unbeatable flavor to the preparation.

Nina's photo kindness
Nina’s photo kindness

If you are looking for a classic -with special touches- Ninina offers a crunchy toast with crushed avocado and served on homemade seed bread (and homemade) with extra virgin olive oil and a few drops of lime juice, sea salt, black pepper and pepperoncino. It is decorated with two thin slices of cucumber and radish and a sprig of coriander. The plus? A poached egg or smoked salmon can be ordered as a complete one.

Photo courtesy of Vegan Peppermint
Photo courtesy of Vegan Peppermint

If you are looking for something to nibble on, the crispy avocado is the best. Those of Vegan Peppermint are made with crunchy avocado fingers marinated in a mixture of juice and grated lime, garlic and merken, then passed through cornstarch and vegetable flour and egg -which is obtained by activating flax seeds in warm water- . Finally they are covered with panko and fried.

Photo courtesy of Paris Crepes
Photo courtesy of Paris CrepesFABIAN MALAVOLTA

Salmon and avocado crêpe bathed in ranch sauce

Another alternative that never fails is the fine crêpe de Paris Crepas. Crunchy, the filling features salmon gravlax and hearty avocado chunks dipped in ranch sauce. Depending on the schedule, you combine it perfectly with an iced tea or a classic Aperol Spritz.

Photo courtesy of Sushi Club
Photo courtesy of Sushi Club

Asian flavors, spicy touches and flambé avocado seasoned with Thai sauce on rice bites is the sum of everything that is good with these Niguiri Palta Thai from SushiClub. The best? they are vegan friendly. You can order them in a plate of three units or enjoy it together with other varieties in the ‘Combinado Vegan Leaves’.

Photo courtesy of Mudra
Photo courtesy of Mudra

Tartar plant based

Here we are in front of a total return of a classic of the kitchen. Mudrá has an avocado-based tartare seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, topped with beetroot with a reduction of aceto and sprouts. To accompany it, they serve it with homemade station crackers. Delicious.

Photo courtesy of Oleada
Photo courtesy of Oleada


Something tastier than guacamole? The wave has the best of all: on a base of crushed avocado in a molcajete, it also has tomato, coriander, onion in brunoise and seasoned with sea salt and oil. It is topped with slices of hot chili pepper, plant based cheddar and served with nixtamal flour chips. Attentive because the signature cocktail proposal is a must to complement the experience.


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