January 18, 2022 10:50 pm

Viral on TikTok: What curious accessory became a trend and is now a super fashionista?

The balaclava or balaclava is back and is no longer associated with celebrities wanting to hide her face to avoid being recognized neither from activists in demonstrations nor criminals about to commit an assault as suggested by Sophia Coppola in the film “Spring Breakers”.

Over time, this war accessory that has its origin in the nineteenth century, when Russian soldiers faced the English in Balaclava -a city on the Crimean peninsula- in the middle of a polar cold, it became the new fashion garment that promises to become a trend this autumn-winter 2022 season.

This woven piece that covers the head, neck and ears allowed the fighters of 1854 to survive the low temperatures and today, in its new version with more colors, patterns and textures, it was adopted with total naturalness by different young people who show it off in networks social as an accessory that you must have to wear a trendy look.

Surely, in the past, you already saw this kind of knitted stocking framing the eyes or faces of different models on catwalks, singers on stage or fashion influencer on Pinterest or Instagram. However, at that time the balaclava did not take over all the shop windows or the collections of all the designers or luxury commercial firms that set trends in the world as it promises to do now.

For some years we did not know more about this extravagant garment until in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic the world demanded the use of face masks and we began to feel safer going out with part of the face covered. According to fashion specialists, this was the main reason that led to public interest in this accessory once again.

Since last year you can see the greatest exponents of fashion wearing a balaclava as an ideal fashion accessory for the autumn-winter season and this year hundreds of young people who have been influenced and have welcomed this new trend with open arms are Going viral this unexpected accessory under the #balaclava. Your search on the Internet has been increasing and if this continues in a few months, when low temperatures reach our country, we will see this piece in trend locally.


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