January 20, 2022 5:17 pm

They arrested a scammer who tried to steal US $ 30,000 from a retiree

A young man was arrested in the last hours after a chase after trying to rob an 89-year-old retired woman in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Flores, $ 30,000 who had deposited in a bank, by posing as her son with the ruse that He was infected with Covid and needed to buy medicine, police sources reported today.

The event began when the woman received a phone call from a man who posed as her son to ask for money to buy medicine and who, as he was infected with Covid, was going to send a person to pick it up.

A young man showed up at her house and received a wooden envelope with savings, although the victim asked to accompany her to the bank branch on Rivadavia avenue at 6400 to withdraw a larger sum. While the woman was going to the bank with the scammer, the son went to visit her because she did not answer the phone. Upon arriving at the home, the caregiver told her that the woman had gone to the bank with a man and that situation caught her attention, so she quickly notified 911.

The mobiles of the Neighborhood Police Station 7C moved to the place and upon seeing the police presence and without having received yet the $ 30,000, the young man escaped in a burgundy Ford Ka, after a brief chase where the vehicle collided with a private car , the 22-year-old defendant was arrested and left at the disposal of the personnel of the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Court 17 who ordered his transfer and the seizure of the car.


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