January 18, 2022 10:12 pm

“The year of the rat”: a book of illustrated chronicles that became a multimedia project

The year of the rat, created by four hands in the middle of the pandemic between the designer Dr. Alderete Y Mariana Enriquez, it is much more than a book of illustrated chronicles. Published in November in Spain by Libros del by Zorro Rojo, it has already reached local bookstores and It brings a QR code that allows access to additional material such as a piece of videodance that circulated in specialized festivals around the world.

The Year of the Rat, by Dr. Alderete and Mariana Enríquezmodel

As Alderete told Télam, the book became an interdisciplinary and multimedia project based on the proposal of some friends linked to film and dance who saw the illustrations. “In parallel to Mariana seeing the images and starting to write, a choreographer and dancer from Los Angeles with her partner, who is a film director and photographer, adapted some of those images to photographs and then created the video dance piece. Another friend made the music for him from Portugal. On one of the pages of the book there is a QR code that can be scanned to see that work ”, explained the illustrator to the news agency.

The QR leads to Alderete website and, from there, you can access the video that lasts about four minutes and was directed by Christian Weber. On stage you see Dalel Bakre, which on its site explains the origin of the work: “The film was conceived from the different alter egos that have lived with me since my childhood. After a year living in confinement, they decided to show themselves to the public: the pandemic detonated the necessary environment to create this film ”.

The title chosen by Alderete refers to 2020, when the pandemic broke out: according to the Chinese horoscope, it was the year of the rat.

The launch of The year of the rat is also accompanied by the launch of “a face-to-face show for 2022 that involves live drawing, dance, music and texts”added Alderete. It is a project “very rich creatively. The dance, the music, everything was fed back. A collaborative project from the broadest of the word; each used the other’s work as a trigger and when we put it all together it worked the same ”.

Enriquez and Alderete met at the Universidad de la Plata. He drew Diego Maradona at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico, where he has lived for decades. He is the designer of emblematic albums such as Bohemio, by Andrés Calamaro.

The Year of the Rat, by Dr. Alderete and Mariana Enríquez
The Year of the Rat, by Dr. Alderete and Mariana Enríquez

The author of Our part at night, which in 2019 was recognized as the Herralde de Novela prize, in December she was chosen by the Nobel Prize for Literature Kazuo Ishiguro as the author of one of the best books she read in 2021 by The dangers of smoking in bed


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