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The wedding of Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman: one of the guests tested positive for Covid

And finally the day came: Stefi Roitman it is already formally part of the “Montaner clan”. The Argentine actress and influencer married Ricky Montaner, one of Ricardo Montaner’s sons, and the celebration takes place this Saturday afternoon, in a celebration for more than 400 guests in the exclusive field farms El Dok, in Exaltation of the Cross.

Due to the pandemic and the requirements of the United States for the entry of tourists, many of Roitman’s relatives would be left out due to the vaccine that was given to them, which is why the couple decided to celebrate in Argentina. Precisely, the choice of space, located northwest of Buenos Aires, was the possibility of making the outdoor party, fundamental in times of covid.

All guests are swabbed before entering the celebrationGerardo Viercovich

As the first images show, all guests are tested before entering and not all would have been lucky. The journalist Maite Peñoñori assured on her Twitter account: “First positive COVID in the marriage of Stefy Roitman and Ricky Montaner. They communicated to security and they took him off the premises. It is not known who it is ”. LA NACION confirmed that, indeed, one of the guests could not enter after being swabbed.

This week, Peñoñori counted in Intruders that the couple did not hire any wedding planner, but the event is organizing it Marlene, Ricky’s mom, together with a nephew of Ricardo Montaner, who lives in Argentina. In addition, the panelist revealed that they made Stefi sign a confidentiality contract so that no details of the marriage are left to transcend, in the same way that they did with the providers. Therefore, the few details that were previously known were released by the press and not by the protagonists of the link.

One of the great unknowns is who appeared on the guest list, which according to what emerged includes various national and international figures, both from television and music. However, just two days before the event, the first big casualty appeared: Susana Giménez. Yes, the great diva of the show decided stay in Punta del Este, where he summers, as every year, and has communicated this to the couple.

Nor were two other well-known local figures from the game: Marley (who is traveling) and Lali Espósito – a partner of the Montaners in the talent reality show. The Argentine Voice-, which is filming in Spain. Among those confirmed, Sebastián Yatra is counted. The Colombian singer met his ex, Tini Stoessel, at the wedding.

The driver Gerardo Rozín and his girlfriend were also part of the game. girlfriend, Eugenia Quibel.

Gerardo Rozín entering the wedding with his girlfriend
Gerardo Rozín entering the wedding with his girlfriendGerardo Viercovich

None of the guests shared images of the celebration on the networks this Saturday because, as reported, they had to leave their cell phones when entering the premises.

The couple began flirting on Instagram in 2019, and when she traveled to Miami to meet Ricardo Montaner’s son in person, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. For this reason, she settled there with her boyfriend’s family. In October 2020 They decided to go one step further and commit. In the middle of the Rosh Hashanah holiday, the proposal arrived, which Stefanía accepted with tears of emotion and much joy.

The ceremony that united them in marriage was mixed, because he is evangelical and she is Jewish: they were married by a pastor and a rabbi. Regarding the dress that the bride wears, the design is in charge of the Corrientes designer Justo Ocampo. Roitman will wear three costume changes throughout the party.

Part of the family

After the religious ceremony, the Argentine actress began to be considered by her father-in-law as “part of the family.” Although he was living in his house, Ricardo Montaner surprised by launching a explosive phrase in the middle of last year, in the middle of an interview. The outburst occurred when the artist said that “his son-in-law Camilo and his daughters-in-law, Sara, Paola and JimenaThey are part of his family ”. Upon hearing it, the host of the program wanted to know: ¿Y Stef …?. But, to his surprise, the singer from Avellaneda had not forgotten the model, but justified: “Stef is not married yet. When they get married in January there it will be from the family. From January … She knows ”.

Last October, another comment by Montaner Sr. had generated a stir on social media. After the model announced her engagement with Ricky on Instagram, the interpreter of “So in love” commented: “You make me very happy, making my son happy. I love you and I will witness the happiness that you both deserve. Having a Jewish daughter-in-law is a gift from God”. His words traveled the networks and there were some users who questioned the way in which he mentioned Roitman’s religion.

In keeping with his father, last November, in an interview with I want music Ricky Montaner revealed that the model had not been included in the Montaner family chat and the reason he explained was the same for which even the 24-year-old Argentine was not considered part of the clan. “Stefi is not here yet, she will be there when we get married. Camilo entered when he married Evaluna ”, he pointed out.

Just a few hours before the celebration, Montaner Sr. turned to the networks to share with his followers the alternatives prior to the wedding. “Hours of anxiety and emotion of those that escape tears. Long live life Family days, hermetically sealed so as not to let a sigh escape without dedicating it first. Ricky and Stef are the reason for this family gathering from different corners of the world. Family, friends who are family. God in perfect control and Marlene taking care of every detail of the assembly, making sure that everything has excellence so that God is pleased. Last son Montaner and first daughter Roidman marry [Sic]. As my son Héctor said, ‘the Watsapp group is closed, nobody leaves, nobody enters,’ “he wrote on his Twitter account.


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