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One in five Castilian and Leonese people has passed the Covid at least once




More than one in five Castilian and Leonese people have already been infected with Covid-19 at some point since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, after the increase in new positives in the sixth wave with the arrival of the Ómicron variant. Total, more than half a million people in the Community (506,978) have contracted the coronavirus, according to data from the Ministry of Health on sick patients recorded by Primary Care professionals, who collect all diagnoses compatible with the coronavirus, both those of Covid pneumonia and those of virus disease. It is a data more adjusted to reality than the confirmed cases reported every day by the Junta de Castilla y León, which -according to the latest data from yesterday- amounted to 453,757.

According to the latest calculation of the National Institute of Statistics (IINE), with provisional data, the number of inhabitants in Castilla y León amounted to 2,379,530 inhabitants as of July 1, 2021. Therefore, the 506,978 patients with compatible diagnoses with Covid they represent 21.3 percent of the total population of the Community.

One in four, in December

Of this half a million, up to 122,000 cases have occurred in the last month, which means that almost one in four infections in the entire pandemic that have occurred in the Community have been registered this December. It is possible that this figure is even higher due to the number of asymptomatic patients and those who have not been able to communicate their positive. Thus, it has gone from the 384,706 registered on December 4 to the almost 507,000 registered until last Tuesday, January 4.

To understand the acceleration of infections in recent days – mostly mild – it is enough to point out that to reach the 100,000 patients in the first wave it took six months (September 11 arrived). The second wave after the summer of 2020, even without the vaccines, left another 100,000 infected in three months (it reached 200,000 on December 28). With the vaccination still at idle, it took another five months to add another 100,000 compatible with Covid (May 23, 2021) and with the full-throttle vaccine it took seven months to add another hundred thousand. Now, in less than three weeks this figure has been reached.

There are differences between provinces on the percentage of people who have contracted the coronavirus. Segovia is in the lead, with 26.3 percent of the population infected by Covid. That is, more than one in four has had the disease. Next, Palencia appears (24.7 percent); Burgos (23.2 percent); Soria (22.3) and Valladolid (22.2 percent). In the regional average, Salamanca is located, with 21.3 percent, while the rest is below 20 percent, as is the case with León (18.5), Ávila (18.4) and Zamora (16 percent). of total inhabitants)

The accumulated incidence of the disease, registered in Primary Care, has skyrocketed in recent weeks, according to information consulted by the Ical Agency. The increase in the number of tests, especially antigen tests, has allowed the detection of infections to have been exponential. A change in strategy that all the autonomous communities have adopted and that has meant that the new positives have more than doubled over the past year. And it is that on January 1, 2021, Primary Care had a registered cumulative incidence of 204,112. A figure that has not stopped increasing and has skyrocketed in recent weeks.

The most infected, in quarantine

Regarding the incidence of the disease by age groups, the statistics of the Board show that people between 40 and 49 years old are the most infected to date. This age group is the majority in all the provinces of the Community, except in Salamanca, where the positive ones are between 20 and 29. In the rest of the territories, it is between 17.9 percent of Valladolid or 16.5 percent from Burgos and 15.1 percent registered in Zamora or 15.5 percent in Ávila.

Health sends every day, except on weekends, the updated data of the cases confirmed by Covid in Castilla y León, both in PCR tests and antigen tests, but there are not those infected by not including those with compatible symptoms. The best example is found with the deceased in homes for the elderly, centers for people with disabilities and sheltered homes in the Community. Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Family and Equal Opportunities has counted, since the start of the pandemic in March 2020, a total of 4,209 deaths in the centers and hospitals themselves, of which 3,104 died with confirmed Covid and 1,105 with symptoms compatible.

Experts believe that, once the peak incidence of this latest wave of the pandemic is reached, the future is hopeful, at least until new, more dangerous variants appear. Not surprisingly, they highlight the immunity that a significant part of the population will have reached after being infected and due to the high vaccination rate, with a considerable percentage of the public with the third dose of vaccination against Covid.

In addition, the wave of COVID-19 infections registered in Catilla and León in recent weeks has caused the incidence to reach 3,900 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. That is to say, Four percent of the Community’s population has been infected with coronavirus in the last two weeks.

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