January 21, 2022 4:27 pm

Noelia Marzol had a crossroads with her followers and gave them the points: “They don’t attack me”

“Even though mom is an atheist… Reyes comes for all babies! Pool Party ”, Noelia Marzol wrote on her Instagram account, to show that her little son Donatello received a gift pool on January 6. This simple comment unleashed a wave of criticism from his followers. Faced with so many questions, the dancer spoke of religious beliefs and caused anger among her followers.

On many occasions the actress of Sex He said that he does not believe in the existence of God, an issue that historically generated conflicts among those who affirm otherwise and profess a religion. After the attacks he received with the publication for the day of Kings, decided to release where he asked for respect.

Noelia Marzol showed the gift her son received from the Three Wise Men. Instagram @noeliamarzolok

“Every time I say that I am an atheist, it comes to me like a wave of aggression, which I cannot understand. I don’t want to convince anyone of anything, so I ask you please do not try to convince me of things that I do not believe, “said the winner of The academy (eltrece) in a video posted on their Instagram stories. There she is seen talking in front of the camera while taking a walk with her son.

In that sense, he added: “It does me good to believe that the only thing we have is earthly life and that you have to make the most of each day. If something else is good for someone else, welcome. TO my son I inform him what he wants to know about each of the religions and he has the freedom to choose what do you want when you grow up ”.

Visibly upset at the reaction of her followers, she asked them again not to try to convince her about other beliefs, as well as not to mistreat her for expressing her thoughts: “They do not attack me, I do not attack anyone , I respect everyone, so please respect a person who is an atheist and who does not believe in anything else ”.

Marzol's release from criticism.  Instagram @noeliamarzolok
Marzol’s release from criticism. Instagram @noeliamarzolok

Beyond this crossing specifically about religion, Marzol receives daily questions on social networks, most of the time about the upbringing of her eight-month-old son.. And, as she did on this occasion, she also comes out at the crossroads of criticism about her motherhood: “Girls, you should already know that these opinions slip on me. Don’t waste your precious time writing weird concepts for me. Do yourselves a favor ”, he expressed in his networks some time ago.


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