January 18, 2022 9:52 pm

Netflix surprised by announcing the premiere of the second season of a series that many believed was canceled

Although it is true that on many occasions Netflix receives criticism from its users given the large number of titles that the platform decides not to renew, it is also true that it remains as global streaming leader with more than 200 million subscribers. Although many celebrate the powerful offering of productions, others lament over the cancellations. However, the uncertainty that engulfed fans of a series that they imagined would be left off the grid changed to jubilation when the company announced the premiere date of the second season.

Is about Space ForceThe Space Force- the comedy that was trained in May 2020 in the midst of a pandemic and that stars Steve Carell, in the company of Greg Daniels, who was also behind the American version of The Office. After its premiere, critics in general and social networks described it as not very funny, so everything indicated that it was not possible for a new season to see the light.

Steve Carell as General Naird in Space Force

But the truth is that the platform made the decision to bet on a second one and, although not many news were revealed yet, recently It was announced that the new episodes will be available on Netflix in mid-February.

According to the synopsis of the series, Carell plays Naird, a general proud of the service he gave in the US Air Force and who must deal with a new mission assigned to him by the President (who, according to the critics, his never mentioned is name, but has the same ideas as the former president Donald Trump) on the space force, the new military division that he must lead.

Trailer for “Space Force”

The specialized critics affirmed that Carell and Daniels built Naird on the bases of the work that they did during years in the North American version of The Office, a project that very few believed in at first, but which later allowed the actor to withdraw from The Daily Show at its best.

The series canceled by the streaming platform are counted in the piles. After the anger that many fans showed by running out of the premiere of several productions, the platform explained what is the reason why many titles do not continue.

It might well be thought that it is about Covid and its devastating economic consequences in 2020. However, Netflix opened a segment on his website where he pointed out that the reasons for the cancellation is the expiration of the licenses.

The platform explained the reason for the cancellations (Credit: Netflix)
The platform explained the reason for the cancellations (Credit: Netflix)

Once the contract to transmit the production expires, the company assesses whether it still has the title rights, how popular is the production Y the cost of license renewal and other factors that the platform indicated as “seasonal and regional”.

In the argumentation, which tended to legal reasons, it was added that If a title is not renewed, the streaming service will notify you when it is about to leave the platform. However, the justification of the company did not diminish in the indignation of the fans, who despite contractual reasons still claim for so many series and films canceled.


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