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Nahir Galarza’s lawyer said that her client “is in very bad shape” after accusing her father of the crime of Fernando Pastorizzo

Raquel Hermida Legend, the lawyer of Nahir galarza, said in the last hours that his client is distraught after accusing her father, Marcelo Galarza, of being the true murderer of her boyfriend, Fernando Pastorizzo. In television statements, the lawyer confirmed that it was she who filed the complaint for “aggravated homicide” against the man and argued that both Nahir and her partner were “victims of a terrible event”, for which the young woman was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2018 and his partner ended up dead.

Before consulting The eleven About the unexpected accusation, Leyenda explained: “Only I fulfilled an order that my client gave me, which is Nahir Galarza, and only I can confirm that the transcended ones are true. I can’t say anything else. I am going to stay with her until she makes a statement about it so that measures are taken and I will also meet with the lawyer who is going to sponsor her ”.

According to the lawyer, the conversation she had with her client in which she accused her father of Fernando’s crime “The only thing he did was confirm all the procedural errors that occurred in his case”. “I would not have to be here, she would not have to be detained and Fernando would not have to be dead either. This is a homicide that could clearly have been avoided and I feel very sorry for the two victims of this terrible event: Fernando and Nahir “, he sentenced.

Finally, he referred to the progress of the new line of investigation and the emotional state of the 23-year-old. “The complaint has already been made and it remains for us to speak with Nahir so that she, her mother and I are safe. She is very badSo I’m going to spend the afternoon with her and chat like two people who know and love each other ”, he concluded.

According to the aforementioned media, Galarza accused his father before the lawyer on New Year’s Eve. “I’m going to tell you something that I never told you. That nobody knows. I didn’t kill Fernando, it was my dad. I want you to accuse him because he is the real murderer ”, he would have told her and then authorize her to make the corresponding judicial presentation.

Thus, Legend went this Friday to the Paraná prosecutor, Carolina Guzmán, and denounced to Marcelo Galarza as author of the “Aggravated homicide” to the detriment of Pastorizzo and for “gender violence” against his own daughter.

“The prosecutor of Paraná Carolina Guzmán is engaged in the investigation of the presentation,” she told Telam a spokesman for the judiciary, who added that now the content of the accusation must be analyzed and, if necessary, intervention will be given to the Gualeguaychú prosecutor’s office, which was the one that investigated Fernando’s murder. Legend also denounced former prosecutor Sergio Condoni Caffa and former Galarza defenders Víctor Revosio and Horacio Dargainz as cover-ups for the crime.

On the other hand, the lawyer reported that He also made a presentation for child sexual abuse against Galarza’s paternal uncle.

In 2018, Nahir became the youngest woman in the country at the age of 19 to have been sentenced to life imprisonment. He received the maximum penalty for having been considered the author of the crime of Fernando Pastorizzo (20), committed between 5.10 and 5.15 on Friday, December 29, 2017, when the young man was found on a street in Gualeguaychú with a shot in the back and another in the chest, next to his motorcycle and two helmets lying on the ground.

Initially, when testifying as a witness, Galarza said that she had seen the victim the night before the crime, although given the sum of evidence against her, she was detained and in a second statement He admitted that he had killed him with his police father’s gun, but that it had been “accidental”.

The judgment to life imprisonment was issued on July 3, 2018 by the Gualeguaychú Court of Trial and Appeals and confirmed in July 2019 by Chamber II of the House of Concord.

Currently, Nahir remains housed in Penal Unit 6 Concepción Arenal, from Paraná, and the sentence is being reviewed by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation based on a complaint appeal presented by the lawyer Hermida Leyenda so that the ruling is reviewed with a gender perspective and it is annulled. The direct complaint appeal to the National Court is the last avenue of appeal that the defense has to try to reverse the sentence.


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