January 22, 2022 5:16 pm

Horseback riding without horses



“Parents should take their children to meet the animals to other places where they are in their habitat, and not to the parades of Kings.” This was expressed a few days ago by Javier Luna, president of the Animalista Party-PACMA, who furiously attacked the municipalities that continue to have animals in the parades on January 5 “for subjecting them to stress and abuse.” In Zamora, Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar arrived in their respective dromedaries. In Medina del Campo, there was a beautiful elephant and several llamas. In Palencia, a herd of geese, like the one that left the streets of Madrid until Manuela Carmena arrived. In Tordesillas, ponies are led off the branch line by young riders from the local equestrian center. With poise, delicately, calmly. As you walk with the cattle. But not. The Taliban of animalism are coming

to impose its radical creed, to teach parents to educate their children, to explain to city councils what they have to do.

It is a very powerful ‘lobby’ that penetrates all levels of society with a discourse lacking in scientific basis, because emotion prevails over reason, human sentiment over biology, giving rise to aberrant situations. Who has an obese mastiff in a 40 square meter apartment cannot give lessons in animal welfare. From there, only a biased, apocryphal, unnatural vision can come out. As far as equestrianism is concerned, this legion of ignorant people should know that the horse was domesticated in Asia more than 5,000 years ago, that the Greek general Xenophon – notorious hypologist – wrote dressage treatises for warfare where he pondered the importance of trust. from the colt to the rider, that the equestrian sector accounts for 0.5 percent of the national GDP and generates 62,000 jobs.

Without a doubt, the noble brute is the animal that has contributed the most to the advancement of Humanity. Today, away from both war and its tractive force in transport and agriculture, it continues to accompany us in sports, leisure, security and even therapeutic uses, in children with disabilities. A horse parading in a two-hour cavalcade does not suffer any mistreatment, as well as the copies of the National Police that patrol in large cities and at mass events. They are tamed and trained to that end, with tact, command and infinite patience. Let’s not see the horse as a companion animal. Enough of demagoguery, of manipulating public opinion, of telling us from a general direction, at what age it is convenient to start riding a colt. Less progressive stupidity. We have enough misfortune with Garzón’s frivolity, who confuses intensive livestock with macro-farms and only identifies extensive with well-being. What a panorama: Christmas without the birth of Jesus, winter without cold, and horseback riding without horses. Pure conceptual and etymological adulteration in an upside-down world.

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