January 22, 2022 6:55 pm

“He contacted me”: the model named as the third in contention between Nicole Neumann and Manuel Urcera spoke

The dream family vacation of Nicole Neumann and Manuel Urcera in Punta del Este are being overshadowed by a sudden relationship crisis. The model and TC pilot became the center of attention after private messages were leaked between him and a woman who would be his lover and the one he would have planned to meet on New Year’s Eve.

Melina Eugster is the model designated as the third in contention in the scandal that shook Neumann in recent days. As revealed in In the afternoon (America), Urcera maintained a dialogue on WhatsApp with the young woman, to whom he told his intention to see her on the last evening of 2021 on his trip to Patagonia, even if it is “for a little while.”

Nicole Neumann’s boyfriend’s chat with another woman

After the chat screenshots emerged, Eugster decided to appear on the show to give his version. “I’ve known Manu for a long time from racing. I am a model, promoter. Going to the racetrack here is very common, because a lot of jobs come out when they don’t bring promoters from Buenos Aires, they summon us here, “he said.

He then ensured that the profile of the Rio Negro pilot He changed radically since his relationship with Nicole began. According to the model, when Urcera was dating her ex, Micaela Alvarez, “It was something else”. “It was ‘unreadable’, it was super serious and it didn’t give you room, it did not give you entrance at all ”.

Melina Eugster was interviewed by Karina Mazzocco

However, Manuel would have left that attitude behind in the last time, when he decided to contact Melina. “I had a finish, so to speak, in the race that took place here in October. He contacted me after the race. That happened about the chat they showed, which was made known, that we could meet, perhaps, perhaps, in Las Grutas when he went to spend the New Year “, she confirmed in dialogue with Karina Mazzocco.

Let us remember that, in June 2020, the ex-wife of Fabian Cubero whitewashed their new romance, after several rumors circulated about their relationship. Since then, Urcera has shown a low profile in the media and did not make any statement about it, but on social networks the couple often show their love.

The couple spent New Years in southern Argentina.  Photo: Instagram @nikitaneumannoficial
The couple spent New Years in southern Argentina. Photo: Instagram @nikitaneumannoficial

Asked about Neumann, who was already dating Urcera in October, Eugster specified: “I think she came here [al sur], I did not see her because obviously she is Nicole Neumann and I did not cross her. Not her or the girls. But I still had no contact with him there ”.

As for her alleged affair with the pilot, the promoter pointed out that they did not maintain a constant round trip, but spoke on rare occasions and it was he who contacted her. “I did not write to him and less because of his situation, being in a relationship“, he claimed. And he clarified that, since December 31, they did not chat again.

Melina Eugster indicated that she has known Manuel for years.  Photo: Instagram @melinaeugster
Melina Eugster indicated that she has known Manuel for years. Photo: Instagram @melinaeugster

After the controversy that was unleashed by the dissemination of the chat, Melina assured that She still does not know for sure how it was leaked, but it could be from a capture that she sent to her friends. “I reckon that after this, He doesn’t want to see me even in a figurine“, He said, but he did not rule out that if the opposite happens, he could have an encounter with him since” he is a very cute boy. “


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