January 25, 2022 6:12 pm

Gauchito Gil: more than 100,000 people passed through his sanctuary and more are expected until tomorrow

After a year without pilgrimage due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the sanctuary of the Correntina town of Mercedes received so far this day more than 100,000 people to venerate the Gauchito gil on the 81st anniversary of his death, municipal authorities informed Télam.

The crowd of followers of the gaucho Antonio Gil approached the sanctuary of National Route 123, eight kilometers from the city of Mercedes, where each January the 8th your figure is celebrated.

Delegations from various parts of the country, together with “promeseros” from the province of Currents, staged a different commemoration than in previous years, after the sanctuary was cleared of stalls and the area was ordered with a resolution of the Federal Court of Paso de los Libres.

In this way, the appearance of the place offered more open spaces, a specific arrangement for parking lots, campsites and a market organized in two wings, due to the health situation derived from the pandemic by Covid-19.

A security device made up of the police of the province of Corrientes with more than 170 troops, the National Gendarmerie and 23 volunteers from the White Helmets Commission, guards and provides assistance to the pilgrims.

During the day, isolated fights with casualties were reported without further consideration, while two women had to be treated for decompensation and falls with fractures, as indicated by the authorities of the sanitary operation that carries out the Ministry of Public Health of Corrientes.

The commemoration agenda organized by the mayor’s management Diego Caram It began yesterday, at 19, in the municipal cemetery, with a response at the gaucho’s grave who later moved, with the so-called Cruz Gil, to the cultural center of the Mercedes railway station, where the traditional evening took place.

More than 100,000 people venerated Gauchito Gil on the 81st anniversary of his death, in the Correntina town of MercedesGermán Pomar – Télam

At 5.30 today, as an epilogue to the vigil, the parish priest of Mercedes, Luis Adis, celebrated a mass considered very emotional by the faithful present, given the emotional charge that the religious gave to his homily. In it, he made special considerations to Milton and Sergio Canteros, stabbed to death last August by a gang of stallholders who started a territorial dispute with the family over the establishment of informal businesses around the sanctuary. Two wooden crosses in homage to both victims guarded the Catholic celebration, at the end of which the traditional parade to the sanctuary of Route 123 was carried out.

At that moment of the celebration, the mayor handed the blessed cross to a group of more than 300 riders who went to the place of veneration, where since last night the place of worship was opened for the passage of an intense pilgrimage of the faithful.

The police guard and organize the passage to the closed sector in which a cross with the image of the gaucho autonomista is the space where the promeseros venerate him and deposit offerings, in a period of time of a few minutes.

Municipal sources highlighted the work of the security forces and municipal volunteers and the White Helmets, in assisting with the delivery of water, since the temperature exceeds the 35°C, as well as medical aid, they specified.

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